Some popular endangered horse breeds – A brief guide

You will find a number of American conservation groups that have made a lot of research studies about a number of pony breeds and horse species which will inevitably become extinct in the future. The horses which belong to these breeds have a population that is even lower than just ten thousand members. In some breeds, there are just a few hundred horses still left alive. In this article, you shall read about some of these endangered horse breeds.

What is the reason for such a turn of events?
The main reason why such a low number of horses survive in some breeds is that these breeds do not have too much of demand today in the modern times. Thus, this means that the breed is not of too much use today. As a result of this, the breeders who are responsible for their safekeeping will not breed them during periods of financial problems as there shall not be any demands to get new foals. But in spite of this, if care is not immediately taken then these horse breeds risk going extinct completely.

Some of the famously endangered horse breeds:
1.      The Suffolk horses: These horses are less than 800 in their numbers across the whole world. These horses are called Suffolk because they come from the Suffolk region in England. This used to be a really marshy area where it was difficult for people to go. Hence, the Suffolk breed got created. These horses were designed for doing extensive farming work and would not be used for transportation purposes. The horses generally come in various shades of chestnut brown, and they have broader shoulders.

2.      Caspian breeds: This particular breed of horses today have a combined population lower than even two thousand in the world. It is a very old breed of horses which come from Iran originally. They would have almost become extinct during the 1960s. The Caspian breeds are not very big, nor are they extensively large. They are basically like miniature horses with brown coats.

3.      The Cleveland Bay breed: This horse breed today has got a population which is lower than about eleven hundred all over the world. These horses come from medieval times. They came in the form of pack horses that would carry heavy goods between the different places. Today, these horses are used only for entertainment purposes. They have smooth gaits, and they jump high; their gallops are also beautiful to look at as they are quite rhythmic.

4.      American Cream: This special horse breed had originated from a single mare called “Granny” in the USA. It is a draft horse and is a native breed of the US.

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Horses will always need special care. It is vital, and this care has to be given to them, or they will all go extinct. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.


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