Typical Mistakes Than Can Make You Unhappy with Your Kitchen RenovationTypical Mistakes That Can Make You Unhappy with Your Kitchen Renovation

In any home, the kitchen is one of the most hard-working rooms due to the sheer number of tasks performed in it and the number of appliances housed there. The constant wear-and-tear makes it one of the most popular areas of home renovation. According to the 2015 report of the National Association of Homebuilders (http://myconsumersvoice.com/kitchen-remodel/statistics-kitchen-remodeling/), kitchen renovation and remodeling projectis the second-most common with bathroom renovation being the most popular by a small margin. Of course, in both cases, the major impetus is given by advancements in design trends, technology, and lifestyle. With kitchen renovation having so many aspects, it is quite understandable that many details often get overlooked and this leads to an under-optimization of space and resources, including time and money. Some of the most common kitchen renovation mistakes highlighted:

Giving Style More Importance than Functionality
While everybody loves the designer-kitchens featured in glossy home magazines and catalogs, many of the designs may not be suitable for your needs and lifestyle. Simple things that look great in photographs like open shelves and dark color schemes may not be the ideal solution for you if you have a lot of cookware that is better stowed away out of sight in closed cabinets or if space is small and dark color schemes would overwhelm it. If you are constantly busy with heavy-duty cooking, you may be better off with a traditional closed kitchen than an open plan that looks cool. As attractive as the trends are, you should always ensure that practicality and functionality rules in your kitchen; an efficient and well-designed kitchen will be a source of delight for many years.
Not Providing for Adequate Storage
Underestimating the requirement for storage is perhaps one of the most common mistakes. Most people don’t have a clue how much stuff a well-appointed kitchen for a family that loves home-cooked food needs to have. Try to have the storage cabinets mounted on the walls because freestanding cabinets can end up creating a clutter that you would want to avoid.It is also very important to organize the storage cabinet space to maximize storage efficiency. Take advantage of pull-outs to keep heavy cookware so that you do not unnecessarily strain your back trying to reach for them. Have multiple racks installed so that you can separate the pans and other cookware, rather than keeping them on top of each other. A vertical plate rack to store your dinner plates and chopping boards can be very useful in keeping things orderly. Put in separate compartments in the kitchen drawers so that you can keep your cutlery neatly organized.
Ignoring the Need to Plan the Work Triangle
The efficiency of movement in the kitchen space is of paramount importance, especially because space tends to be limited and constantly bumping into the furniture can be very irritating. The three most important and frequently used spaces in the kitchen are the sink, the cooking area, and the refrigerator so ideally, they should form a triangle with at least 120 cm separating them without any obstruction in between that restricts free access.
Deferring the Purchase of Kitchen Furniture and Appliances
The proper placement and fitting of the kitchen furniture as well as appliances are integral to your kitchen renovation Long Island project so you should never put these purchases on hold thinking that you would just buy and install them after the renovation is over and done with it. Regardless of whether your kitchen renovation is being done by a professional or by yourself as a DIY project, you will require the measurements of critical kitchen appliances such as the built-in oven, refrigerator, hob, hood, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, etc. so that you can ensure that they can fit in seamlessly. If you plan to have a juicer or a coffee machine installed, you should ideally get the dimensions so that you can have a cabinet with an open cubby of the right size to accommodate them. Not getting the dimensions of the appliances at the time of renovation will result in the appliances not fitting flush with the kitchen furniture. It will also result in the wastage of substantial time, effort, and money required reworking renovation that has already been carried out to ensure that the appliances fit properly.
Economizing on the Countertop Space
As with the storage space, most people tend to underestimate the countertop space, however, as all those who cook with passion will know that there is never sufficient countertop space. You should plan to have the maximum possible countertop space so that you can easily work with all the modern appliances like food processors, whisks, chopping boards, and more, that every kitchen needs to have.
Sacrificing Material Quality
Even though you want your remodeled kitchen to look very smart and trendy, you should remember that the kitchen sees a lot of wear and tear and therefore it is vital that you do not opt for materials that look good but are not really practical. Typically, you should pay a lot of attention to stuff like countertops, backsplashes, flooring, and cabinets. They should be built from tough and hardy materials that can withstand the constant use and are also very easy to clean. Avoid porous materials at all costs because they can look really ugly after some time as stains get ingrained and cannot be removed.
Like any other renovation project, the devil is in the detailing so be sure to spend a lot of time thinking about installing the right kind of lighting and electrical outlets to connect all your appliances. Make use of a combination of ambient and task lighting so that not only do you get adequate light but also you have premium looks that you would be proud to show off. As far as electrical outlets are concerned, make sure that you have more than you can think of to connect all the appliances and ensure that they are located conveniently but out the view and out of reach of children. 


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