Marriage God's Way

Marriage is a lot of work and I find it interesting to learn how other people make theirs work. From chat sessions with friends, reading advice columns and books, to just observing how others interact gives me insight to the many ways it can work as well as prime examples of how it can't work.

Adam and I have a pretty decent situation. We balance each other well. But there is always room for improvement. We will be celebrating ten years in just a few months. Ten years of ups, downs, children, moving, new jobs and changing interests, friends, views and appearances. Loads of things change and will continue to do so.To make sure we make it to the next decade celebration, I like to stay up to date on how to communicate, what works for compromising, and what doesn't, and to keep an open mind.

I had the chance to check out some books by Scott LaPierre; Marriage God's Way A Biblical Recipe for Healthy, Joyful, Christ-Centered Relationships, and the accompanying workbook. This was an insightful reading opportunity, that looks at marriage in a traditional, religious sense. It has a very traditional feeling to it. It focuses on pretty much everything you can think of in a biblical sense of marriage. There is a lot of scripture in this book. Most Christian marriage books don't compare to this book!

This book seems to counter our modern day cultures message about marriage. I am thankful for several things after checking this out and doing some of the workbook. I really appreciated the gentle, compassionate tone of this book. I also learned to appreciate my own marriage. I took away from this book and workbook a great sense of thankfulness. I gained insight to be apologetic at times and gentle at others.

This book is a great option for a church library, or a gift idea for newlyweds within your religious group. The book is also a good last minute Christmas gift idea. You can find it on amazon in paperback and kindle formats.


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