Organic Beef Vs. Non-Organic Beef- Is Paying More Worth It?

When it comes to the purchase of organic or naturally grass-fed beef, jaws drop at their prices. Most people believe that organic meat is way too expensive and out of the reach of the common man. Health experts in the field say that though organic meat is a bit on the costlier side, it does pay to invest in a little more. Now, the question is how?

Organic beef and its benefits
Organic beef is free from hormone injections that are administered to the cattle. Studies reveal that when you buy organic meat, you do not consume these harmful chemicals that are injected in the cattle. The United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program have in their definition of organic meat stated this meat uses soil conservation, renewable resources, water conservation,and other safety factors to improve the quality of the environment for the future generation. The animals that are used for organic meat are never administered growth hormones and antibiotics. For any animal to be organic, the USDA needs to regulate many standards. Besides organic feed and being free from these hormonal injections, the animal must spend time outdoors and have sufficient space to stay comfortably.

Where can you buy organic meat?
Organic meat is available in local and online stores. You can buy prime filet mignon from sites conveniently from the comforts of home. This means you no longer have to go to the supermarket or farm to get your organic meat home. The products you choose can be ordered onlin e and conveniently delivered to your home. When it comes to the certification of being organic, not all farmers can do it. The USDA process of certifying organic meat is an expensive process,and many farmers are unable to afford it. In fact, farmers with small farms will find it hard to afford this certification process with the USDA. They cannot maintain the health of their cattle in the absence of antibiotics. The costs of raising cattle without antibiotics can be quite expensive for the small farmer. However, they can stay away from growth hormone injections that help the cattle grow quickly.

Conventional beef- health concerns
Growth hormones like BGH, rBST,andrBGHare administered to the cattle for increasing milk production. They also increase the size of the cattle so that they appear fuller and fatter. Humans generally land up consuming the by-products of these cattle. They have been linked to cancer. However, you can avoid the risks of cancer by consuming organic beef.

Therefore, if you really care about your health, investing in organic meat is a wise choice. You need to buy this meat from farmers that have USDA certification. Knowing whether an animal has been growing with antibiotics or hormone injections is a guiding factor when you go to the stores to buy meat. You can avert the risks of cancer and other health complications as you never consume the by-products of antibiotics or strong growth hormones administered to the cattle. 


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