The simplified method for learning piano

The traditional method involves a lot of work and learning sometimes hard and difficult at first. It is above all a slow method that involves several years of learning, but it is the only truly effective solution if your goal is to learn pieces by great composers.

But if you just want to learn to play pieces that you like, that you've heard here and there, there are simplified methods to learn piano in less time.

These simplified methods are those that swarm on the Internet. Surely you have already seen videos on YouTube or Daily moon in which they tell you that it is possible to learn to play the piano in 24 hours. These videos often make you think of the trickery ads that promise to make you 15,000 euros a month from home and, therefore, there are reasons to doubt these "miraculous" methods, which are full of slightly exaggerated marketing promises.

However, there is some truth in these miraculous methods: you can learn to play piano pieces fairly quickly without knowing solfege and in a very intuitive way. The principle is to imitate another person while playing. It is impossible to learn complex pieces with this method, but, instead, you can learn to play pieces with simultaneous chords, pieces of popular music, for example, or even simplified transcriptions of musical pieces, since it will be difficult to play the original score with this method. It can be a very effective method, but it requires a good concentration and a good memoryand you read more about jazz pianists here.

Learning to improvise

Other miraculous methods offer to learn to improvise with the piano in a few days. Even if it is a bit exaggerated, there is also some truth in this statement. The music is composed of chords and the chords are linked together following a certain logic.

On a scale (in C major, for example), each note and each chord built on that note have a specific function? In C major, the C chord has a tonic function.
The chord of the sun, in degree V, has a dominant function: it is the second most important chord after the chord in tonic function.

Then there is the subdominant chord, which goes just below the dominant chord, as its name suggests. In C major, it is the chord of fa.

These three chords (tonic, dominant and subdominant) allow you to improvise pieces without much difficulty. The idea is to link these three chords (I, IV, V, I for example) with the left hand and improvise melodies with the right hand, using all the notes of the scale. Progressively, you will learn new scales to diversify the chords and perform modulations.

There are no good or bad methods, everything depends on your goals

If you want to learn piano in a serious way, understand the music in depth and play complex pieces (whether classic or not), this method will be too small right away, since it will only be productive if your goals are modest.

We repeat it: there are no good or bad methods, everything depends on your goals. In addition, the methods are not contradictory between them. You can perfectly learn with simplified and intuitive methods while learning solfeggio (with a Superprof teacher, for example).

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