What is the difference between canvas and cotton drawstring bag?

While it may seem tempting to lump canvas and cotton drawstring bags together, there are some essential differences between these two cinch bag types. While cotton bags feature a smoother, softer texture than their canvas counterparts, the choice of canvas as the base material for a backpack is a much sturdier option. A cotton string backpack is excellent for light-weight tasks, such as carrying towels to the beach, while a canvas bag will provide the needed support for toting books from the book store or holding bulky produce following a trip to the grocery store. 

In addition, there are some styling considerations between the two. Cotton drawstrings bags carry a certain essence of whimsy to them that remind one of a summer vacation. As mentioned before, these bags are perfect for trips to the beach. They are also often more compact and economical than their canvas counterparts, making them ideal for travel. There are all sorts of tutorials across the internet showcasing how to up-cycle old t-shirts into "diy" drawstring bags - a cotton backpack can be more personal and meaningful to the individual. With this in mind, canvas backpacks are more on the "business" end. They are sturdier and often more practical than their cotton friends. By the very nature of canvas, such a backpack will not become lumpy or stretched out when filled with heavier items. While these would still make good traveling companions, the prospect of losing one at the beach or dropping it in the water is of greater concern. This type of bag would be ideal for visiting an art museum or hiking in the mountains. 

Whatever the choice, both are undoubtedly sustainable options. Both have considerably lower carbon footprints and environmental impact when compared to plastic drawstring backpacks. They can also both be used as reusable bags when grocery shopping or running errands, as long as one is careful about putting heavier items into canvas bags. A canvas backpack will provide roughly the same support as a plastic one, while additionally maintaining structural integrity better in the long run.

While neither offers the same waterproofing ability of a plastic drawstring bag, cotton bags are roughly the same weight and can readily be machine or hand-washed without fear of melting or bleeding colors. Finally, repair of both canvas and cotton drawstring backpacks is much easier than working with the plastic material of their counterparts. While plastic drawstring bags tend to unravel whenever faced with structural damage, canvas and cotton bags tend to keep their damage isolated to the area of the original insult. Both can be sewn with ease, although the appearance of the repair will be more noticeable in canvas as opposed to cotton bags, especially when the size of the insult is large.


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