5 online marketing tools that is useful for every business

It is true that traditional marketing is still helpful in marketing your business and it is not yet dead. For example, people continue to watch televisions. But most of the advertisements here are dominated by industries like insurance companies, automobile companies and those providing phone services. Many people today still read magazines and listen to radios. Others see printed ads on newspapers and brochures while some companies use direct mails.
Even with the above phenomena as a business owner you need to know people are living in a digital world today. For example, instead of buying a physical newspaper, you can get it online which is convenient compared to buying it physically. Today companies have established their presence on social media, and you can easily visit their pages to learn about the products and services they are offering. Companies like Mary Kay, Avon and Fuller Brush, relied on personal selling when they were first established. They depended on large sales forces. These companies today have changed their marketing strategies, and they have all established websites. They also have a strong social media presence which makes them achieve a competitive edge.
The truth is that even if you provide local products and services and you're your business is nationally recognized, you need to use the right marketing tools to help you in your marketing endeavors. Sketchcorp marketing is essential to grow your business and attract potential customers.
Here are five indispensable online marketing tools useful for every business:
According to Forrester Research, in 2011 $1.1 trillion of sales came from the internet. But the modern business is dynamic and having a site only for your business is not enough. Your business website must not only be attractive to search engines but also the visitors. If you have a business website, you must ensure it quick, and it has useful content for users. The navigation system for the website must be intuitive. The website should also be used using various devices like mobile. When some visitors find your site not loading well using a mobile gadget, it is an indication you do not care that much about your business. Web users today are attracted by the looks of your website. You need to hire a professional designer to stop losing potential customers.
Social media
Forbes cites that 71% of customers may purchase products or services based on referrals from social media. These platforms have become crucial when it comes to advertising your business and services. They are places to share word of mouth about excellent products and services. These are platforms where many people meet virtually, and they are best for discovering new products and services. They can also read reviews about products as they get referrals from friends and relatives. People often meet on social media platforms to discuss many things. Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter are all excellent online marketing techniques which have worked for many businesses. If you are okay with your budget having an expert to guide you on social media marketing can be one of the best decisions you make for your business growth.

According to BlogHer, 61% of consumers have brought products and services after being recommended by a particular blog. If you want to boost the visibility of your business on the online platform, you must consider having a blog for the business. Every blog is indexed, and if you master keyword to use for your business, you can find it on page one of Google search results. A blog is a platform where you can communicate with your target audience effectively. You can use the platform to establish a relationship with your readers, build your business portfolio and become credible. It will also help in boosting your brand credibility. For ease of communication with your clients, general public and employees you need to have a blog which will make the work easy for you. If you have an excellent blog, you can do away with print, TV and radio advertisement. You will reach your target audience with ease.
Email marketing is a crucial tool which every business needs. You can collect emails through social media forms, collecting business cards during networking events and tradeshows or you can use your website or blog too. Email marketing makes one of the great ways to promote your products and services the right audience. You can use emails to establish a good relationship with your customers effectively. The best part with email marketing is that they can be executed with ease without having to incur any cost. It cannot be compared with traditional ways of advertisements like banners.

Analytics tools
These are set of helpful tools when it comes to online marketing. Digital marketers can use these tools to achieve a competitive advantage over others. You can use a tool like Google Analytics to track the traffic of your website and know the areas you need to improve. Others are for social media. For example, you can use Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights to get various metrics in relation to client engagement. These tools are useful because they will enable you to optimize your campaigns. Analytics tools allow you to measure stats related to demographics of users, sales and conversion rate. You can track user data, conversion metrics and site searches using a tool like a periscope.
As you do your marketing and promoting products using all the above tools, you need to understand that you need positive results. One of the essential things in the marketing of your business is identifying what is working and what is not working. You need to know the returns of every marketing technique you use for your business, and you will know if you should continue using it or not. As a business owner, you need to measure the success of your business by looking at various things like new customers to your business, how customers and how customers are satisfied. You also need to understand the modern business environment is dynamic, and you must keep researching to know what works. What may work today, tomorrow may not work.


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