7 Reasons Why Health Buffs Are Taking Protein Supplements

It's pretty well-known that bodybuilders and professional athletes use protein regularly as a dietary supplement. Protein supplements were created to help stimulate muscle growth when used in conjunction with regular cardio workouts and weight lifting. Proteins provide the body with a foundation to produce amino acids needed to build muscle tissue quickly. Bodybuilders and athletes benefit immensely from protein supplements because they typically engage in intense physical activity that requires higher amounts of protein.
Protein is broken down by enzymes as it is digested. The faster they're broken down, the quicker they are converted to amino acids. This process is vital as it can promote natural growth and repair muscle tissue a lot faster than usual. It can also improve immune health helping athletes to stay stronger, fitter, and healthier for more extended periods during intense training. Taking a protein supplement before and after a workout is an excellent way of optimizing muscle development. The protein is digested quickly and becomes ready for the muscles to use it for repair post workout. Here are the top seven reasons why bodybuilders and health and fitness enthusiasts swear by adding a protein supplement to your diet.
1. To Prevent Muscle Loss
Every day you exercise, you're required to take in a minimum amount of protein. This is necessary to build and repair new muscle tissue. If you're not getting enough protein from your regular diet, the process of rebuilding muscle tissue won't happen. Protein also maintains a nitrogen balance that ensures you're not losing lean body mass. Most health buffs follow a low-fat diet along with their intense training programs. Low-fat diets require protein supplementation even more, especially, if you're cutting out dairy, meat, and pasta.
2. Speed Post-Workout Recovery
Muscles get shredded in the gym and need to rebuild while resting. When you increase your protein intake, not only will your muscles grow faster, but it will give them more time to recover. Protein synthesis accelerates when you consume protein before and immediately after your training. Supplementing with fast-absorbing whey protein will increase your results. Rest and recovery are crucial to performance for many reasons. It's physically necessary so the muscles can rebuild, strengthen, and repair. Too few rest days will lead to overtraining syndrome which is hard to recover from.
3. Support Strong Bones
Most of us, especially, adults don't get enough calcium in our diets and struggle with digesting dairy properly. Meeting your calcium needs is crucial to maintaining high energy levels and strong bones. Calcium plays a significant role in muscular contractions. If your calcium levels are continually low, there's a high chance you won't meet your goals or see the muscle gains you're looking for. Luckily, most protein shakes and powders contain in one scoop up to 20% of the daily calcium requirements. Athletes and workout enthusiasts who consume pre and post-workout protein shakes will meet half their daily calcium goal without even thinking about it.
4. Vegetarians
It's challenging for vegetarians to meet their daily protein goals since their diet consists mostly of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains. Just because you're a vegetarian doesn't mean you can't train hard and gain muscle. There are several protein supplement options for vegetarians including egg white, soy, vegan, and rice protein powder. Any of these products will help make meeting your protein requirements a lot easier.
5. Easy Meal Planning
Meal planning for health buffs is a daily or weekly necessity. Meal planning takes time but is essential if you want to see muscle growth and results. It helps health buffs avoid making unhealthy choices such as fast food when in a time crunch. Even if all your meals are prepared, there's still the chance that at some point in the day you'll be running late and need a quick snack. Keeping a protein powder at hand is the answer to help you stay on track. It only takes a few minutes to blend your protein with a cup of skim milk, a banana, and peanut butter to provide you with a well-balanced meal on-the-go.
6. Whey Protein May Lower Blood Pressure
High blood pressure (hypertension) is the leading cause of heart disease. Research has proven that the consumption of dairy products can reduce hypertension. This is attributed to the bioactive peptides found in dairy called ACE-inhibitors which are called lactokinesis in whey protein. One particular study showed that individuals who supplemented with whey protein for 12 weeks lowered their blood pressure by more than 5 percent.
7. Aids Weight Loss
Practically everyone who works out regularly and eats a healthy diet has the goal in mind of losing weight or keeping it off. Whey protein powder helps consumers get there. A study in 2008 found that workout enthusiasts who supplemented with whey protein twice a day retained more lean muscle and saw a decrease in body fat compared to those who only cut calories. Even subjects who continued with

their normal diets and supplemented with whey protein lost more weight around their waist over five months than those who supplemented with soy.
Protein supplements come in the form of shakes, powder, capsules, and bars. If you're overwhelmed with all of the different products on the market, it's recommended that you start with a protein powder. Ask a representative at your local supplement store for advice on the proper supplement to help you reach your goals. Protein supplements will help you stay fuller longer and increase your body's ability to repair muscle after intense workouts and increase body mass quicker.


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