How to Discover and Develop Your Hidden Talents

If you want something bad enough, it can be yours.  Most of us agree with that comment. It is also a fact that we all are unique. We are born with a natural ability to do certain things. However, we do not always pursue those abilities.

When a child is growing up, their parents usually identify what they are good at and what they love to do. They may get lost for hours when they are coloring or reading stories. They may love playing a particular sport. Every chance they get, they are outside playing a version of that game. As a parent nurtures their child, they should encourage the raw skills in their children. 

Deflating your sails

Your parent may have had their own opinions on what your talents “should be.” They may have seen your pictures or books as an interruption of serious talents they want you to pursue. They may want you to grow up to be a doctor, lawyer, or politician. Their opinion of your childish ways takes hold very quickly. It may begin with them telling you to stop dreaming and read a book that teaches you something. They may tell you that your dreams are not going to get you anywhere in life.

This becomes a problem when you begin telling yourself the same thing. You delight in painting a picture may bring an immediate reprimand in your own head. When you quiet your spirit for the things you love, they eventually go away.

In this post, we will help you identify and develop your hidden talents.

Be prepared for some surprises. You will look at your past and your present. The sparks of passion throughout your life will lead the way. However, as an adult you know; as you begin down a path, it may take you to new territory.

Looking back

When you were a child, you did not control your enthusiasm. You may have loved to play baseball. When recess began or on Saturday afternoons, you could hardly contain yourself rushing to the baseball field.

Perhaps you loved to dance. You would lose yourself in the movement and the flow of the dance accessories you wore. You danced in your room. You put on shows for your friends. You loved to dance and you did.

Does this mean you should take up softball or dancing now? Was that the one thing that would make your life whole? Not necessarily. You were a child. Your passion for baseball and dance may be your desire, or it could have been a stepping stone. You were too young to know how to read the feelings you were experiencing.

Looking at the present

Now that you have noted the activities you enjoyed as a child, let’s look at you today. You may not have any outside activity at this time, but that doesn’t mean you have not carried some of your passions with you into adulthood.

What gets your heart beating today? When you were a kid, you may have been on the school newspaper. You may have loved to lead your study group. Maybe you strived to do the best you could on every assignment. When you discovered what you were good at, you excelled.

Now, as an adult, you may be the manager or owner of a business. You may be the leader of a sales team. Getting the best results in your business is the only thing that will be acceptable. Perhaps as an adult, you enjoy keeping in shape. Maybe your health is your main priority. The point is, there are parts of your life that bring you great joy and push you forward. Compare your desires of today to your childhood desires and you will start to see where your talents are tucked away.


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