Pro tips for eating healthy when digging into Mexican delicacies

Mexican food is delicious and often makes for a mouthwatering viva fiesta especially when eating out with friends. The local taco joint can make for a memorable meal, but it can also wreak havoc if you are following a diet plan. The Mexican restaurant meals are typically high in sugar, spices, and calories with a lot of fat.

If you want to enjoy the finger licking delicacies at your local Mexican eatery, look for Mexican food Bloomington and avail the benefits of take-outs and special a-la-carte menus. But for all you health enthusiasts, read the following guide before you dig in. Knowing this will ensure you don't suffer sleepless nights worrying over the heavy meal you just had!

Dodge the chips and salsa

Chips and salsa have too many calories and fats and don't fit into any diet plan. Yes, we know it is irresistible, but for maintaining your peace of mind while you are enjoying your night out avoid the big basket of carbs, fat and salt. Take it off the table before you order your meal. Self-censorship is the keyword at play here!

Snub the hard shells

Resist the temptations and learn to say No! Hard shells can be crunchy as they are deep-fried, but these add extra fat and calories to your body more than you need on a single day. Instead, you can choose smaller, whole wheat soft shells.

Ditch the refried

A lot of Mexican food is refried till they turn golden and crunchy. Most of the bean dishes are refried, and it is not healthy at all. Go for pinto beans which can be an excellent source of proteins, iron and complex carbohydrates. Choose the healthy option over the unhealthy.

Reduce the sour cream and guacamole

You should also reduce the helpings of the toppings for your burrito. Spoons of sour cream and guacamole add heaps of calories to your system. Limit the extra helping and top the meal with salsa or diced vegetable for a healthier and more nutritional meal. Remember that the salsa is rich with vitamins and antioxidants.

Avoid the margarita

Surely this one is a heartbreaker! The icy drink made of tequila and more tequila, salty and delicious is a favorite of Mexican food lovers. Water is hardly a better alternative to margarita, but do remember to limit the orders of this alcoholic beverage as it will push you over the calorie limits for the day.

Go for the tortilla soup

Instead of the regular tortilla order a tortilla soup. It is not only filling but also nourishing, tastes food and gives a satisfying experience. It has low calories and is just perfect either as an appetizer or even as a light meal. Choose wisely and enjoy eating out with your loved ones.

Remember these tips when you are dining out at a Mexican eatery with your friends or family. Limit your helpings with respect to the protein, fat and carb intake. Stick to your diet plan.


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