7 Tips to Successfully Celebrate Important Life Occasions

It is not every day that you or your loved one achieves a goal or starts living their dream. When it happens though, it is time for celebration. But, how do you successfully celebrate such a big life event? Maybe you are thinking a new baby, a wedding, a graduation, or somebody becoming cancer-free. Regardless of the occasion, we have seven great tips for helping you successfully celebration the occasion of your life.

Buy Flowers
No matter the occasion, flowers are a great way to say Congratulations! This can be for a wedding, birthday, baby shower, anniversary, job promotion, retirement, or anything else that pops up in a person’s life. Flowers by Jane offers a great selection of flowers for any big occasion, and does same day deliveries. With flowers, you can include a note to further congratulate your friend or loved one. But flowers are something they can enjoy for days to come.

Go Out to Eat
Why not plan a dinner with your closest family and friends? Take the evening to get dressed up and go out to your favorite restaurant. Celebrating over food and drink is a sure way to make another great memory around the occasion, while also celebrating the person’s accomplishment. You can easily make reservations, or if your restaurant is local and in a small town, ask them to prepare a small treat for the person. This is a great way to get a large group of people involved, or even keep it small and special. If you give a toast, be sure to make it personable.

Plan a Party
Parties are a wonderful way to get large crowds involved. You can invite your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors down the street. You can host the past at your home, at a restaurant, a park, the pool, or anywhere else that you would like to go. Food makes parties even better, so be sure to line up a catering service, and include a cake if you want one. You can make parties more formal or casual depending on the celebration, and ask guests to bring gifts, or just the love in their hearts. Parties are also a great way for connecting with multiple people, and they are great for any occasion, including funerals, to celebrate somebody’s life. At parties, be sure to give a lot of complements, say thank you, and enjoy the accomplishment. It can be easy to get distracted by all the people, without spending much time with the person who is experiencing the occasion.

Make an Announcement

Maybe you are getting married, are graduating, or having a baby. All of these are perfect occasions for making an announcement. There are great online templates for designing them. Send them out to whoever you want, but be sure to do it about two or three weeks in advance. This gives the person time to receive the announcement, and RSVP if you are also planning a party. Announcements are a great way to let many people know of the occasion that is being celebrated, without spending too much time, money, and energy in the process. Not to mention, you can keep an announcement for yourself to remember the occasion with a souvenir.
Take Time Off
What better way to celebrate than to take some time off. Especially if you are just married, or newly graduated. Sometimes time off can be the perfect transition for these life changing events. You can stay in or go on a trip, plan some parties and get togethers with friends, do all the things you have wanted to do, or simply rest up on some quality alone time. You can also take this time to unplug from your electronics and get out in nature. Regardless, time off is a great way to celebrate the occasion, and also celebrate the simplicity of just being alive.

Go on a Trip
Going on a trip is such a great way to celebrate an occasion. You can go alone, or with friends or family. Maybe the special occassion was a surprise. If that is the case, you can save up and celebrate months down the line. This way, you can celebrate by going exactly where you want to go. Some places are also worth visiting only during certain times of the year. There are some great vacation destinations, but you can also just visit friends and family, and maybe even tell them about the occasion in person.

Pamper Yourself
Pampering yourself, or your loved one, is a great way to let yourself, or your friend know that you are so proud. This can take many forms, be it a massage or mani pedi, a new haircut, or operation that you have been longing to have (dental repairs or replacement surgeries). Pampering yourself simply means that you are taking the time to care for yourself in the way that you truly need, so it can also be taking a break from food (fasting), or indulging in your favorite treat. You can go on a hike, or buy a new outfit at the mall. If you are celebrating for a friend, you can buy them their favorite book and a new blanket, or go to a spa together. Remember to first decide what pampering means to you or your friend or loved one, and then take it from there!


When celebrating an occasion, you can easily go all out, or just enjoy the life event for yourself. No matter your preference, it is a good idea to thank the people around you, and to appreciate all that you or your loved one has done. Life occasions are often times once in a lifetime events, and sharing love and gratitude can go a very long ways. At the end of the day, the love and kindness is what will be remembered most during any celebration, as is the good company and supportive community.


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