Guide to Vibration Plates

Vibration or Vibrating Plates are the great exercising tool that offers a full body vibration exercise and this training method is proven by experts to enhance the bone density and supports in building muscle flexibility and strength. The vibration plates vibrate at the prefixed amplitudes and frequencies which are set by its user and it can vibrate the body anywhere from 30 to 60 times per second. As the machine vibrates the muscles contracts and relaxes instinctively in an effort to maintain the perfect balance. Because of this mechanism, the body rigorously under go greater muscle activation as compared to simply standing on stable ground while performing any exercises. Below you will come across with some best exercises or workouts that you can perform on the vibration plates and will cover the working of such vibration plates.

Weight Loss with Vibration Plates

It has been seen that performing your weight loss workouts while standing on the vibration plates can enhance the intensity of the workout. This happens because the movement of the plates tricks or manipulates the body to think that it is falling, thereby making the body to tense and relax consistently and this enhances the muscle activation. So, the workouts that you perform on the vibration plates are faster as compared to the traditional workouts. This indicates that you can efficiently reduce the workout time, while enhancing the metabolism. The matter of fact is that the weight loss workouts performed on vibration plates should not be longer than 20 minutes.   
There are a variety of exercises which you can perform on the vibration plates to promote healthy weight loss and it tones up the body faster as compared to the traditional workout for weight loss. Some of the effective workouts which you can perform on vibration plates for weight loss include short bridges, calf raises, squats, planks, and push-up. Planks are considered to be the best core exercise which targets the core muscles underneath the abdomen and it encourages the muscles to get more engaged and this strengthens and tones up the core muscles.   

The vibration of the plates would cause the muscles in your calves, hamstring, gluts and quads to contract rapidly and this leads to more muscle activation during movement. In order to perform squat on vibration plate you need to stand on the plate and free-up your body with shoulder wider, while targeting the core and enabling for slight bend in the knee section. As fast as you sit on a chair, you need to lower yourself into squat position while ensuring that the knees never go in front of your toes.

Do Vibration Plates Really Work?

Many people think that the vibration plates are just like age-old vibrating belts which were popular once for weight loss. However, technology and science has improvised significantly and the vibration plates were designed in a different way to optimize your workout results and boost the basic strength training and callisthenic workouts. The reason behind its success and popularity is that it helps people to achieve their workout goals efficiently and the simple physics behind the machine is its vibrating motion.

The platform of the vibration plate vibrates in three different planes – vertical, horizontal and side to side vibration. This mechanism of the vibration plate create a base of instability and this causes the muscles to involuntarily contract and relax at the speed of 50 times per second as the body wants to keep itself steady naturally. This contraction strengthens and tones up the muscles naturally and it promotes healthy circulation and improvised flexibility of the joints and it even enhances the bone density.

When you combine it with other exercise movements like squats, sit-ups, push-ups and planks, it can effectively enhance your results and workout goals. This is because of the muscles being activated in two diverse ways via direct training and via vibrations of the plate. Because of the dual activation more muscle fibres are being activated and the targeted muscles perform dual duty as it goes through the movement’s range of motion and keeps the body stable. Because of the double duty calories are burnt and metabolism increases which leads to healthy and faster weight loss results.   


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