Online Shopping Guide for HolistaPet& King Kanine Discount Coupon Codes

While shopping online, there is no doubt you’re after a deal on your merchandise!  Who isn’t? Even if you’re not specifically shopping for deals like you’d find on Black Friday or the day after Christmas, you’re still most likely searching for the best deal you can get on the Coupon Code Day website.  To get the best deals, simply follow five easy tips!

Save, Save, Save!

We’re increasingly becoming acclimated to shopping online, meaning, those paper coupon codes are beginning to move online. Businesses are starting to catch on to the trend and this allows you, even more, saving options and here’s how:

1.      Shop under the radar - Online stores have discovered ways to target consumers in ways you may not have even imagined!  For example, it’s possible for online stores to target zip codes where incomes are known to be higher, or even rural zip codes, where there happens to be little to no competition.  Therefore, be sure to shop through an “incognito” page that you can simply open through your browser or be sure to clear your search history.  This way, the cookies on your web browser can’t feed off of it and give online stores any additional information about you and what you might be shopping for.
2.      Utilize price tracking tools - If you’re looking to buy something specific but you simply haven’t found it at the price you’re looking for, you may want to try tracking tools.  To do this, simply go to a price tracking website, like “slickdeals” or “pricetracker” and enter the link to the product you want to buy.  These websites will then work to send you email updates for the product(s) you’re looking to buy.
3.      Coupons! - Of course, one of the easiest ways to get the best price possible when online shopping is to use coupons!  If you’ve found what you want to buy, before going ahead and actually purchasing it, first check if there are any promotional codes available.  A good place to start would be through websites like “clarkdeals.”  You can even select a browser add-on, like “honey” that you can simply click on to see if any promotional codes are out there.
4.      Post-Purchase price adjustments - Even if you’ve already purchased an item, there is still a chance you can get an additional discount!  To do this, download an app to your smartphone called “Paribus.”  Paribus will check for price drops that may have occurred after you purchased a specific item and then automatically issue you a refund for the price difference!  Additionally, be sure to save receipts of items you’ve purchased in case you notice a price drop later on.  With the receipt, you’ll be able to return to the store and ask for a refund.
5.      Automatically compare prices - As you’re shopping, did you know you can use certain tools to compare prices on different websites as you shop?  To do so, simply use your search engine and add a tool, like “priceblink.”  While shopping, all you have to do is click the tool and it will automatically compare different prices on different shopping sites to find you the best deal possible!


If you’re looking to master online shopping and find the best deals available, using these five basic tips will help you realize your shopping goals! Shopping is becoming easier and easier, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to keep up. Follow these simple rules and you’ll be able to save more than you expected. Happy savings!


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