Presidents Day Patritoc Art Project

This easy art project is a fun way to engage preschoolers, toddlers and kindergarteners in a patriotic craft for President's Day, Fourth of July or Veteran's Day!

We had a lot of left over heart cut outs from our Valentine's Day crafts and I wanted to use them up, but I also wanted to make a patriotic craft with the kids for President's Day. This heart flag is what we came up with.

This craft is so easy and lovely. My 5 year old made this one, and she did a really great job with it too!
The older your kids are, the more detailed their projects will be. If you are making this with kids a little older than Rolfie and Harp, you could have them cut the correct number of hearts to use in place of stars.

The supplies for this craft are super basic and you probably have just about everything you will need on hand. We used Kwik Stix in blue to paint the blue square, but you could use markers, crayons or just a small section of blue paper.


2 sheets of copy paper or white construction paper
2 sheets of red construction paper
Blue paint, markers of crayons


Create a small blue square on one sheet of copy paper.
Cut 2 sheets worth of red hearts, then glue lines of red hearts on the paper.
Cut small white hearts from the extra sheet of white paper and glue them on in the blue square you made earlier.

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