How To Choose The Best Ride On Mowers For Your Lawn?

If you go to the market for purchasing a new mower, the overall procedure can really be a challenging one just like in the case when you go to buy a car. There are several brands, types and sizes of the ride-on mowers which are available in the market. Just when you go to choose your car, you would have enough options to choose the best ride-on mower as per your needs and budget. Walk behind mowers are generally less expensive, but for a wide expansion of land area, people buy the ride on mowers to get accustomed to cutting grass at high speed, and more number of grass and hedges can be cut at a time.

There are two broad categories of lawn mowers – ride-on mowers and walk-behind mowers. These names are indeed self-explanatory- you basically need to choose whether to ride or walk. There are several factors which may drive you making the decision. So, the small yards consisting of the trees, gardens and jungle-gyms are not really suitable for the usage of the rideon mowers.

RideOn Mowers And Their Features

  • The rideon mowers are available in three different variants- riding mower, zero-turning-radius mower and the lawn tractor. The ride on mowers usually has a rear engine and the smaller rider has the narrower deck for the mid-size yards.
  • Riding the mowers are indeed the best for the yards which are of sizes ranging from 1/3-3/4 acre and those plots which have narrow pathways or several obstacles. The lawn tractors are usually larger as compared to the riding mowers.
  • These look more like small farm tractors. These specific mowers also have the capability of accommodating the additional accessories in order to help with the other chores around the entire yard.
  • The zero-turning-radius mower is also comparatively new in the mowing world. The ZTR also is an exceptional choice for the yards with several trees in the yard and also the other obstacles which you need to intelligently tackle. 

How It Is Different FromRide-Behind Mowers

There are several kinds of walk-behind mowers. The widest variety indeed is available with regard to the kind of available power source. There are gasoline-powered mowers, battery-powered mowers, electric-corded mowers and also the human-powered mowers. The power source is majorly based on the yard size which you need to mow. This goes without doubt that gasoline provides the largest power as well as range. The battery-powered, cord-powered, as well as the human-powered versions, are majorly used for the yards which are of size quarter of an acre or lesser. This is usually an ‘old-fashioned’ mower where a drum and the blades roll in the forward motion. The rotary mowers can very well cut all the grass by sheer force and the reel mowers usually cut the grass with the help of the scissor action.

Making TheRight Decision

First of all, you should decide your choice based on your yard size and also gazing your physical capabilities. In case your yard is small but your ability to walk is also limited, then you may preferably opt for a small rideon mower. On the other hand, if you are physically active and your yard size half an acre or less, and then you should ideally opt for a walk-behind mower. The best quality lawn mower lasts from five to ten years, but it should be done with proper care and maintenance. The costing can be somewhere are depending on the components that are used.

You can now buy ride on lawn mowers at competitive prices from different online portals. With the right quality check-up and after dealing with the motors of the mowers, you can buy the best one.



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