How to Make Money By Being Yourself

Were you that kid at the grocery store—the one always making friends with the butcher, cashier and customers on the other aisles? Did you participate in every sport, extracurricular activity and school-sponsored event—not because you were good at them, but because other people would be there? Do you live by the expression "never met a stranger" and consider everyone you meet to be a future friend?
Chances are you're an extrovert. And studies show, that's a good thing when it comes to money-making potential. If you're a naturally sociable, energetic and expressive kind of person, here are a few ways you can use your personality to make more money:
Direct Sales
If you are looking for a flexible job that involves interacting with people while setting your own hours, direct sales is a great option. You can do this either as a side gig or full-time job—either way, you typically sell exclusive products that cannot be found in any mall or store to customers.

For example, Amway is a reputable company that relies on extroverts like you to sell its products as Independent Business Owners. What is Amway and what does the company offer? Started in 1959, the American-based direct selling company has expanded its health, home and beauty products to global markets. Headliners include vitamins and supplements, skincare and cosmetics, home cleaning products and energy drinks. It is a low-cost and low-risk job opportunity, and you can leverage that outgoing personality of yours to make money on the side.
Physical Therapists
If you like the idea of helping people who have been injured or have other health issues to recover and get back on their feet—often literally—a physical therapist job may be ideal. The job is ideal for outgoing people because it requires outstanding interpersonal skills that involve working closely with people who are in pain. Your communication skills will be used throughout the day when you are encouraging your patients to do certain stretches and exercises as well as speaking with the patient’s family and other caregivers.
Help Desk Technician
Tech jobs often inspire images of people working alone in their cubicles, hunched over their computers coding and creating software for hours. Actually, if you enjoy tech related work, there are a number of jobs that blend needed tech skills with plenty of human interaction. For instance, a help desk technician job involves working with either co-workers and/or people who call in with problems with their tech devices like computers, mobile devices and online systems. The job involves lots of talking to other people, asking questions and solving complex problems, so being an extrovert who doesn’t shy away from communicating with strangers will definitely be a benefit.
Tips and Tools on Finding Work
If you Google “Best Jobs for Extroverts” you will find plenty of articles devoted to this topic, including some by employment websites. This is a great way to start the job search process and see if any of the suggested positions match your interests and experience. You can also attend networking events in your area; be sure to ask not only about the job duties and benefits, but overall culture of the company.
Enjoy that New Job!
Whether you want a part-time job, something you can do from home, or a 40 hour a week position, there are plenty of solid options for extroverts. By looking for something that naturally encourages your ability to speak to others—including direct sales, health care, certain IT jobs and more—and doing some networking along the way, you will be sure to find a job that fits you and your friendly personality very well.


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