Why You Should Be Careful When Choosing Sportswear

When we start working out, most of us simply reach for our old stained sweatpants and t-shirts because they’re there and they’re comfortable. While this won’t really ruin your workout, a proper sportswear outfit could make things significantly easier and help you improve your performance. However, if you truly want to benefit from it, you’ve got to pick the right garments. Are you interested in grabbing yourself a few activewear pieces that will improve your exercise routine? Then here are some things to keep in mind when making purchases.

Choose the right fabrics

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Whatever you pick need to be soft and breathable, but bear in mind that cotton isn’t always the right choice. While it’s a natural fabric that’s easy on the skin, it tends to soak up all the sweat and feel heavy when worn for a long period of time. Your hoodies can definitely be made of cotton, but when it comes to form-fitting shirts and exercise pants, you might want to pick a “Dri-Fit” kind of fabric that is engineered specifically to wick away sweat and leave you feeling dry. Having said that, if you prefer only natural fabrics, feel free to stick to cotton and linen because they’re still very light and breathable.

Make sure the fit is right

Sportswear should be neither too tight nor too loose. The middle of your workout definitely isn’t the time when you want to be worrying about your bra digging into your skin or your track bottoms slipping down the hips. When shopping, always try out several sizes and stick to the one that fits you like a glove.

Always have good sneakers

Every single sporty activity requires good sneakers because you need good arch support in order to avoid injury. It should be the first thing you buy, so if you’re in need of a new pair, go for a quality pair like Nike and grab something with a thick sole that will help stabilize you as you exercise. This is another thing that needs to fit you perfectly, so choose the correct size and make sure to break them in a little before doing an intense workout to avoid getting blisters.

Move around

When trying out sneakers, pants, and shirts, you shouldn’t just stare at the mirror and make a decision based on how it looks. You want to test these things out before you buy them, so walk around, squat, stretch and move around as much as possible to test how stretchy and cozy the garments are when you’re active in them. If you feel any uncomfortable tugging, consider going a size up.

Take your activity into consideration

Depending on the kind of workouts you’re into, you might want to choose different kinds of cuts. For example, if you like to do yoga, try to find clothes that aren’t too lose so you wouldn’t keep tripping over them, but that still allows for a full range of movements. That’s why leggings and are such a frequent option for yoga practitioners. Similarly, if you’re running around and playing football or basketball, you might want to pick a loose pair of shorts and a tank top or a short-sleeved shirt.

Careful with washing

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Another thing to consider when purchasing activewear is whether the clothes can be washed frequently without falling apart. Workout gear should be washed quite frequently because sweat and bacteria soak it up really quickly, so check the clothing labels to see how you can maintain them and have them last a long while.

Now that you know the right tips, you can start shopping. Get yourself some attractive gear that makes you look and feel good in your own body, and that way you’ll feel extra motivated to work out each day!


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