5 features to look for in a Golden Pendant

Gold jewelry is one of the most common commodities that is bought across the world by women. Among all types of jewelry, pendants and necklaces are the most popular. They enhance most types of wardrobe choices of women and makes their necklines prominent. A customer has to look at a number of pendant designsbefore selecting a particular option. In addition to this, there are also a number of features of a pendant which needs to be checked out before making a final choice.
1.       Carat value of the pendant: Like most other gold jewelry, there are a number of different types of gold pendant designs available in the market. Each of them come in different levels of purity which is measured in carats. A pure gold pendant has a value of 24 carat, while pendants made from gold mixed with other metals can have values of 22, 20, 18 carats etc. Before selecting a particular pendant, customers should decide on the carat value they are going for based on their budget.

2.       Hallmarking: Another important feature of a gold pendant is whether or not they are hallmarked. Hallmarked is the standard guarantee of the purity of gold. The hallmark ensures that the gold is obtained from a trusted source and is of pure quality. Therefore it is an important feature to check for a gold pendants with price before buying.

3.       Precious gems: Many of the pendants and necklaces come bedded with precious gems such as diamond, ruby, sapphire etc. There are a number of attractive diamond pendant designs along with other precious stones, and a customer should decide which design and precious stone they want in their pendant before selecting a particular option. A pendant with a colored precious stone is often used to match with a specific colored dress, complementing its color.

4.       Snap features: Many pendants come with a cover that can be snapped open, with the inner space being available for the customer to engrave a message or put in a small picture. It not only enhances the sentimental value of the pendant, but also makes it more personalized, helping the customer in creating a unique piece of jewelry. The snap feature is therefore an important aspect to consider while picking out a pendant.

5.       Shape, size and price: While selecting a pendant or pendant to go with a particular outfit an important feature to consider is the size and shape of the pendant and necklace. While narrow chokers and string pendants are more suitable for dresses which have a high neckline and not much of neck space, while larger pendants and necklaces are suitable for deeper necklines with ample neck space.

A pendant and a necklace is a very important piece of jewelry for any women and needs to be select with careful consideration. The above mentioned features are the ones which should be used for deciding which pendant is best suited for the customer to pick.


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