5 reasons to use a magician to increase attendance at your event

Planning an event isn’t easy is it? In addition to the multitude of tasks such as logistics, IT, venue arrangements, timings etc. one critical factor to a successful event is often overlooked - attendance.
Why go through all that hassle, only to be disappointed at the attendance - not enough, or not the right type of, people?
Suppose there was an easy solution to the attendance issue?
Well there is - book a corporate entertainer, and the attendance will take care of itself.
Before you choke on your coffee and worry about your budget being blown, here are 5 reasons why a corporate entertainer can increase attendance at your event. Duncan is both a corporate entertainer and wedding magician and more details can be found here: www.magicduncan.co.uk


Trying to create interest for your event can be tricky sometimes, especially in this age of busy social calendars, lengthening work hours and the distractions of modern life. Choosing a compelling, unique or reputable magician for your wedding or event that people will want to see immediately creates interest and makes your event a ‘must attend’.


One of the biggest reluctances potential guests face when deciding whether to attend an event is if they will be actively engaged and involved during it. Although guests do attend events for the main attraction/s, the majority of guests will enjoy the event more if it was more interactive rather than just listening to speakers and watching presentations. Corporate entertainers can make the audience involved, happier, more positive and engaged - leading to a more successful event.


In the modern age, social media and ‘social proof’ have combined to create what marketers call ‘buzz’ - and that’s what you want when you are looking to increase attendances at your event.
You want an event people are talking about, urging others to attend and is effectively advertising itself - all because you’ve chosen a corporate entertainer that people want to see. Duncan can also offer some incredible ipad magic for something really visual!


Whatever your corporate event may be, having a reputable corporate entertainer establishes that the event is creditable. Imagine if you saw that a famous corporate entertainer is attending an event - wouldn’t you automatically assume that the event must be be a well planned, funded and organised event?


Okay, let’s discuss the ‘elephant in the room’ - a corporate entertainer costs money. However, and more importantly, a corporate entertainer delivers VALUE - your event will be more memorable, guests will talk to friends, colleagues and workmates about what a great event it was, and be more eager to return to your next event.

Booking a corporate entertainer should be the first thing you look for to build a successful event

Of course, the corporate entertainer should not overshadow the main attraction of the event - the speakers, the show, the function - but it’s abundantly clear that choosing a corporate entertainer can increase attendance at your event.
Why not make your event planner easier today and consider booking a corporate entertainer - you won’t regret it, as it will make your life easier, and your guests will thank you for it!

Duncan William has been offering corporate entertainment for the past 15 years and offers a unique, exciting and contemporary approach to corporate and after-dinner entertainment. For more information, please have a look at his website.


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