Best Trendy Footwear for Travel

Vacation season is just upon us, which means you’ll have to take a good look at your shoe collection. While heels are a great choice for evening outings to the club or restaurant, you’ll need something more comfortable and practical for daily adventures. No matter if you love to stroll the cities or prefer adrenaline-packed trips, these trendy footwear choices will be the perfect companions on your travels.

Classic sneakers

Classic sneakers will always be the top choice of travel footwear, especially if you prefer an adventurous vacation. No matter if you often catch yourself running to hop on a bus, climbing a mountain or exploring the city, sneakers are simply a must-have. They will allow you to roam your destination for hours without even noticing it! They offer the best support and protect your feet and joints from injury. Plus, you can find them in all imaginable styles and color combinations, so if you love to have an active vacation, you can count on looking trendy and chic as well. And, don’t hesitate to match your sneakers with your evening wear either (stars like Selena Gomez and Jenner sisters can often be seen rocking the combo).

Flat sandals

If you chose a very hot destination showered by the sun, you want to keep your feet cool yet comfy. Luckily, a stylish pair of sandals will do just that! Your feet will be able to breathe and you’ll be perfectly comfortable while exploring your destination. Plus, a trendy pair goes hand in hand with basically any outfit from highly athletic to elegant. And, thanks to their light design, you can pack more than one pair and not even feel them in your luggage! Don’t forget to look for features that contain elements of stability, support AND style for the best experience.


Destinations that are fairly dry without sudden downpours are perfect for rocking a pair of espadrilles. They are comfortable walking shoes but are also super practical for long flights and bus rides. You can slip them on and off in a blink of an eye and prevent your feet from swelling up! Slip-ons are convenient for more casual outings, while you can choose models that tie around your ankle or calf if you love to rock dresses, skirts and shorts. All in all, espadrilles are very practical and stylish—perfect for someone who’s always on the go.


Slippers are definitely the most casual footwear choice for travel. They are extra breathable, very easy to slip on and off and offer fair amounts of comfort. And, if celebs can wear them around the city, so can too! Feel free to pick something from a variety of models and your travel adventure will feel super light and casual. And if you’re not used to wearing flats, grab a pair of flatforms that will give you an extra few inches while being super comfy. However, leave your slippers in your hotel room if you’re tackling any rough terrain—they don’t offer good support for off-road adventures.

Ankle boots

If you know your destination has capricious weather and you can expect everything from rain to cool temperatures, come prepared with a pair of comfy ankle boots. A waterproof pair will keep your feet toasty and dry and will look amazing with most outfits. From strolling the city streets to exploring the wilderness to hitting a restaurant, they will look good whenever you choose to wear them! Ok, maybe keep them in your room when you’re planning on visiting the beach.
With good footwear on your feet, you’ll not only look fantastic on your vacation but also feel light and relaxed. Splurging on quality shoes is never a bad decision—after all, your feet are what’s allowing you to explore all those new and exciting places, so treat them right!


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