Cute Creative Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

Looking for a way to make your home your own without it costing a fortune? Maybe you’re a creative
kind of person in need of a new project? If so, here are some cute, creative ideas that you can use to
spruce up your home without it costing much.

Create your own artwork
If you’re an artistic kind of person, why not put a brush to canvas? You could create a piece that works
perfectly with your home based on the style and colours. No need to scour shops to find what you’re
looking for if you can make it yourself! The great thing about painting on canvas is if it goes wrong,
simply paint over it and start again. If you’re more of a sculpture then a statue, a vase or even a
decorative bowl turned on a lathe would look great filled with some glass beads or potpourri.

Have you accumulated furniture over the years that just doesn’t match? An eclectic look can be cool,
but done wrong can give a very ‘ cheap student accommodation’ look. Instead of throwing it all out,
busting out some sandpaper and a paintbrush could be the way to go. Whitewash all of your pieces for
an elegant look, and then finish them with matching hardware such as legs and handles. Even if the
styles are slightly different, they’ll co-ordinate much better and can give your home a cohesive look.

Design your own prints
The great thing about graphic design is that you don’t actually need any artistic talent for it. That’s
because it’s a skill that can be learned and isn’t based upon natural ability. So if you love the idea of
being able to design your own visual pieces but aren’t much of an artist then this is a great hobby to
take up. There are lots of ideas online for prints you can try, if you’re a total beginner consider doing
a course to teach you the basics. From there, you could create a gallery wall and have fun filling it with
your own designs, or even create some larger pieces. There are sites online that can print your designs
off for you in larger sizes and mail them to you, so you don’t even need a professional printer. If you’re
a scrapbooker and own a vinyl cutting machine, there are some great prints you can create using
this, has more information on models.

Sew your own soft furnishings
Ready made curtains and cushions can be expensive, making your own is a lot of fun and is far
cheaper. And not only this, but you also have way more options when it comes to fabric colour, texture
and feel. Any basic sewing machine will do the trick, and if you enjoy working with fabrics then why not
use this as a way to jazz up your home?


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