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Your dream home does not necessarily need to be a lavish villa or an expansive bungalow. It can be a small cottage home as well that you must have seen in many story books. A cottage home creates a no-frill environment that exudes warmth, happiness and relaxation for the inhabitants. These homes are perfect for families who are on a budget and want to make maximum use of the available space. There can be different home designs depending on individual requirements; preferences, budget and space available.Most cottage home designs share some common characteristics. Let’s have a look at them.

Common Features Of Cottage Home Designs:

Dormers: Dormers create an integral part of most cottage home designs. They give a pleasing look to the roofline and also add some floor space under the roof. This space is often used as an extra storage space beneath the roof. Some people may also choose to use this space as an in-house gym, art studio or a space to pursue their hobby ideas. Dormers are windows set vertically on a roof slope. They may be arched, flat or pointed, and often features their own roof. They can be made in different shapes and sizes, and their roof often complements the design of the surrounding roofline.

Porches: Most cottage home designs feature spacious porches in the front part of the house. These porches serve as a great space to sip the morning or evening tea, read the newspaper, and hangs out with friends and neighbours. Addition of some comfy furniture in the porch can also make it an extension of your living space. Porches can be made in the front or at the back yard of the cottage. It also serves as a comfortable space to park your bicycles, place some plants and potters, or hang clothes after laundry. Some cottages also feature wraparound porches which run through all sides, or at least two sides of the cottage.

Arched doorway: A major feature that most cottage homes boast is that of an arched doorway style. This kind of a doorway renders a charming exterior to the cottage and gives the house a welcoming and warm look and feel. The look of the doorway can be further enhanced by decorating it with hanging plants or hanging lights.

Open floor plan: Since most cottage houses are designed in limited space they aim to make the maximum use of the available space by having an open floor plan. In this kind of cottage home designs, separate rooms are connected so that there are no walls in between them. Most commonly, living room, kitchen and dining room are combined together in one room in such a design. With fewer divided rooms in an open floor cottage design plan you can experience an illusion of increased space.

Connection with nature: Traditionally, cottage homes were found in rural and natural settings only, such as in forests, mountains, beaches, villages, riversides, and others. Today, urban cottage home designs are also constructed, and they feature flowers, plants and a small garden to portray the unique feel. If space is available cottages can be surrounded by trees to create a connection with nature. With an easy flow from outdoors to indoors they allow the owners to inexperience the nature’s serenity right inside their homes.

Modest size: Most cottage homes are modest in size specifically built to cater to the needs of the people living in them. Cottage home designs are much more than just adding wealth and richness to the d├ęcor, rather every corner of a cottage is designed in a planned way to serve a purpose. You can hence expect a modest size for every budget. Most cottages are one story, but some may have one and a half story as well. Most people use this half story as a storage space or as a space to pursue their hobbies.

These were some of the common characteristics of cottage home design. Enjoy the superior interiors of modern cottage home designs with your family and loved ones.

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