Modern Cottage – Get It Built From Scratch!

The idea of a small and cozy cottage is appealing to most homeowners. There’s a sense of homeliness and comfort in a cottage that you can’t find anywhere else. However, if you’re set on finding the perfect cottage for your family, chances are you’ll be reading hundreds of property descriptions without seeing anything that meets your needs.
Unfortunately, the typical cottage as we think of it is an old property, which is likely to require a lot of renovation and restoration work. However, due to the appeal of those original buildings, buying a cottage can be just as expensive as buying a modern family home. When you know that you have to also budget for improvement and repair works, it’s fair to say that the dream stone cottage by the sea remains an unaffordable goal.
However, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a cottage. If you’re ready to change some of your criteria, you might be able to find the perfect home. Indeed, if buying an original stone cottage in a rural location is an investment you can’t commit to for now, how about having the cottage of your dreams built from scratch?  

Financing it properly
Getting a mortgage can be a stressful process for anyone. However, when you’re building your own home, the process is entirely different. Indeed, a standard mortgage loan for the purchase of an existing home relies altogether on checking your credit history and gaining guarantees that your income is reliable. But traditional checks don’t apply when you’re financing a building that doesn’t exist yet. As construction can be a risky process, you can’t go through a typical loan application. You need to seek out what is called a construction loan. This type of loan functions differently, as it is a short-term loan – for the duration of the construction. Once the building process is over, you need to refinance the construction loan into a permanent mortgage. More importantly, you’ll need to prepare your file thoroughly, proving that your building project is real and viable. You should also provide a risk assessment for the lender.  

Be creative but keep the main features
Building your dream cottage means that you can keep all the main features of a cottage but modernize the result to better fit with your lifestyle and comfort expectations. Indeed, a cottage is a small house, meaning that you want to work with an architect to design a smart floor plan so that everything can fit in a limited space. Additionally, it’s not uncommon to find an open floor plan, both as a way to maximize the space and also to keep your heating costs low – as everything can get warm at the same time. Working with an architect can ensure you add all the essential features to your floor plan to marry the cottage style with your modern lifestyle.

Creating a garden when there was nothing
There is no cottage without a strong connection to nature. The most iconic image of a cottage is one of a small house surrounded by flowers, trees, and wild berries. But, when you’re building from scratch, it can be tricky to imagine what your garden should be. You are, ultimately faced with an empty space – which may be covered in building debris. It’s a good idea to get in touch with a professional landscaping agency that can help you to give life to your backyard. It’s easier to create your dream garden when you work with a specialist you can help you to figure out how to make the best use of each area in your outdoors, where to place the pathways, and how to manage water requirements. Remember that it’s difficult to start a garden from scratch, so that’s where experts can make a difference.

What’s the ideal decor?
A cottage has an iconic style that mixes homeliness, comfort, and simple elegance. You might struggle to create the cottage feel in a modern building at first. Focus on a light color palette that lets you create an open space. Keeping a neutral baseline allows you to add and mix patterns effectively and bring focus accents with bright shades. While it might be tempting to pick furniture sets, you’d achieve a better effect with an eclectic selection in natural materials that injects plenty of personality.

Cottage relaunched: Make it green
Last, but not least, with a building project, you can ensure your home is sustainable from the start. Your builders can help you to use recycled and reclaimed materials and source renewable, eco-friendly systems.  

Planning a building project is a lot of stress. You need to be prepared to do your homework, research all options and choose experts to work with you. However, with the appropriate organization, you can finally make your dream cottage come true.


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