The Truth about Women and Self-Esteem

If questions like whether you’re proud of and like yourself make you uncomfortable, chances are high that you have self-esteem issues. Having self-esteem means that a woman doesn’t depend on anyone to feel good, she knows she is ok just the way she is. What a woman believes and feels is developed in early life through messages from the media, culture, family, and friends.
You may have been ignored, ridiculed, or even criticized, and received praise and respect. Whichever the case may be for you, it’s critical you’re comfortable with whom you are and the best within you for self-worth. Below are six strategies to achieving true confidence and self-esteem for success in your family, social and work life.
Identify Personal Strengths
Every woman has her own a
unique set of weaknesses and strengths, but many tend to focus on those areas they are constantly struggling with. Understanding what you’re best at and how it makes you shine helps you succeed.
To do this, start by taking stock of your strengths by asking yourself questions like what you are best at, what you usually do, and how you feel. Create a habit of cultivating your best attributes so you are more confident and incorporate these attributes into your life, as often as possible.
An important trait towards developing healthy self-esteem is by trusting that you can achieve your intended tasks or projects. In short, you need to cultivate a sense of self-efficacy. When you believe you can accomplish set tasks, you will eventually achieve success.
Self-efficacy helps you become even more motivated to start and take action, and achieving resiliency in case things don’t go as planned. As you achieve your goals along the way, you start trusting that you can accomplish so much more than you had thought possible before. Make efforts by creating measurable, realistic goals that help build your self-efficacy.
Dress Nicely
Dressing in nice clothes, such as stunning pieces from an online sexy clothing store by Three Wishes, helps you feel good about yourself. In fact, dressing nicely makes you feel presentable, successful, and ready to take on the world. While nice dressing means different things to different people, it’s all about wearing some casual or official clothing that makes you feel nice, presentable, and sexy.
Be Optimistic
In the event things don’t go as you had hoped or planned, it’s important that you view the future as bright – even in dark times. An optimistic outlook helps you achieve a constructive, certain, and flexible outlook, and is a great way of adapting to your environment. Having an optimistic outlook also helps in problem solving and staying on course with your aspirations and goals.
Build a Sacred Living Space
Create a space that is charged with high self-esteem, or where you can go to unwind and recharge. Where you live is a direct reflection of your self-image – at least for many people.
It’s critical that you make your home conducive and inspiring to your personality. No matter where you are living, look for ways to keep it attractive, clean, and comfortable. Practices like Feng shui show how the environment can have an effect on your energy levels; therefore, don’t ignore this as an important part of achieving your overall well-being.
How you feel and think about yourself translates into every life situation. A favorable disposition can be cultivated by having self-confidence and a positive attitude.
It’s important that you are okay with who you are as an individual before you can inspire and influence others. Knowing you are capable, worthy and courageous despite the current situation is what self-esteem is all about.


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