Tips for an (Almost) Stressless Wedding Day

Weddings inevitably come with a dose of stress attached. However, there are ways you can deal with all of that stress before the wedding, so that the day itself is for you to enjoy and celebrate. From catering to courting, here are the things you should do to have the most stress-free wedding possible.

Have a first mate

There’s nothing worse than an emergency that needs to be dealt with in the middle of the wedding. And even if something like this does come up, you shouldn’t be the one to deal with it. So before the big day comes, assign a first mate (or two or three) to be responsible for anything that comes up. Make sure all of the staff knows it’s them to talk to and not you, and make sure that they are completely up-to-date on all of the plans and proceedings. This might be hard for bridezillas that think that nobody can do as good of a job as they can, but this is the time to let go and trust those around you, whether it’s your friends or a professional wedding planner.

Make sure everything fits

You don’t want a last-minute wardrobe malfunction because your last fitting was over five months ago and you’ve been coping with stress using ice cream. This can also happen if you buy clothes off the rack and don’t tailor them to make sure they fit perfectly. For example, if you went to a store in Glasgow and bought a suit made by their standards, and then you wear it to a hot Australian wedding – you’re going to be a hot, sweaty mess. But if you’re working with a local tailor who makes
men’s suits in Sydney, you can have as many fittings as necessary to make sure the fit is perfect on the day of your wedding. You also don’t want the suits shipped to you on a tight deadline, because the worst thing that can happen is you being left without something to wear for your wedding.

Have a rehearsal

If there are some things that you want to go exactly as you imagined, like speeches, dances, special moments and effects, you will want to rehearse it all to make sure everyone knows what they’re doing. A rehearsal dinner sometime in the week before the wedding will make sure everyone knows what they need to do in order for things to go as planned.

Start at the right time

People think that “the earlier you start, the better everything will be planned”, but this isn’t always the case. Firstly, you might get too relaxed, as you think you have all the time in the world. But also, as the seasons and trends change, you might not want the same things two years into the future, or the flowers you’ve planned might be a lot more expensive that year because it was a bad year for them. Some things are find to think of in advance, but many preparation details need to be done in the few months leading up to the wedding, so make a timetable and stick to it.

Go for reliable people

When hiring your catering, chefs, staff, DJ, venue and anything else, you want to make sure they have a good portfolio and a lot of recommendations to back them up. Just one of them being late, not showing up or forgetting to bring something can throw off the entire ceremony, so make sure you have people that you can rely on during the entire day. The best way to do this is to find a team (venue, catering, photographers) who work together all the time, because you know that even if just one team slips up, the rest know how to take over and cover for them.

No matter what you do, there will be some stress, but the most important thing to remember is that whatever happens, you’re marrying the person you love, and you there isn’t anything that can happen that you won’t laugh about five years down the road.


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