10 Safety Tips for Senior Travelers

Ever wondered what brings fun into the monotonous retirement life? The answer is traveling. Think about it, you’ve worked your entire life, your kids are settled, so now you have the time and money to visit new places and see something different. Even though everything favors your travel plans, the old age itself can make you drop it. Don’t let this be the case with you. Follow these safety tips, especially mapped out for senior travelers.

1. Everything Safe Back Home
How will you fully enjoy a trip if all the while you only worry about the safety of your house? That’s why it is important to secure your house with security systems having sensors, alarm, surveillance cameras, panic buttonetc. Not just for carefree traveling, this will keep you safe and give you peace of mind at all times. It’s a boon for senior citizens.

2. A-Z of The Trip
Do not just pack and leave. Once you’ve made the decision, plan everything out and write it down too. Before you set your foot out, you should know where you’ll stay on what days, how you’ll reach there, how you’ll get along, visiting places, etc. and keep a backup plan for everything. Also, share this with at least one more person back home.

3. Get Insurance
Better to stay at home than to travel without insurance. There are so many things that can go wrong during vacation. Your luggage can be stolen or lost, there can be cancellations, you can face any medical emergency and subsequent cost. So, get insured against all these mis-happenings beforehand.

4. Do Not Carry Valuables
It is extremely risky to carry valuables and expensive items during travel. Gold and diamond jewelry, expensive watches and mobile phones have nothing to do there anyway. Carry basic function phones and cameras and also avoid carrying too much cash, the card is a safer option.

5. Medical Checkup
Make it a habit to get a full body checkup before every vacation. With aging, your body loses strength, stamina, and endurance. This will give a fair answer as to whether your body is ready for a vacation or not, especially for extreme geographic locations.

6. Be Medically Prepared
Running out of your medicines and not finding is the last thing you want to face in a vacation. So, carry enough of every medicine and also carry prescriptions in different bags to get replacements, in case they get lost or stolen. Also, plan backups for medical emergencies at all stages of the trip.

7. Take Care of Diet
Food is the essence of traveling, every place boasting its own creation. You sure want to try the specialties but limit to just tasting if they are too heavy or spicy, something that doesn’t go good on your stomach. You don’t want to spend the whole time in a hotel room feeling sick.

8. Safekeeping Money
Senior travelers are prime targets for thieves, so you have to stay alert and act smart. Avoid deserted roads, streets, etc. while traveling. Carry cards instead of cash. Do not keep all the cash in one place, instead keep small amounts in unusual places like socks, shoes, small jars, books, etc.

9. Do Only What Your Body Allows
As mentioned earlier, your body loses strength and endurance with aging. So, it’s better to stay clear of extreme adventure activities that require high physical fitness or are risky. That doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself for everything, exercise regularly, keep yourself fit, enjoy karaoke with your friends and live your life to the fullest; that way you can check a lot of those activities off the list.

10. Get A Loved One to Check on You
At least one person, amongst friends or family, should have your itinerary, all the contacts, and your whereabouts. Also, get them to check on you regularly if you fail to contact them. This ensures that if there is something suspicious then quick action can be taken.

Don’t let old age come in between you and your dream vacations. Plan, be alert, act smart and travel on.


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