5 Ways To Make Your Home Newborn-Friendly

When you’re a Mom-to-be for the first time, there are a lot of things going around your mind. What are you
even supposed to do as a Mom, and are you going to get it right? Is your home safe for your newborn? And
is everything going to go smoothly? The truth is that parenting is a journey, but it’s one that doesn’t need
to be as daunting as you think, especially if you’re as prepared as possible.

Here are 5 ways to make your home newborn-friendly. These tips will also help you get your home ready for
any newborn photography opportunities that arise.

#1: Get a baby bath
The most important thing to do to ensure that your baby is safe in your home is to get a baby bath. This will
mean that you can bathe them safely, without having to worry about leaving your newborn in a bath seat.
Of course, the most vital thing to remember is that you should never leave your baby unattended in the bath,
even for a split second. Get a safe baby bath, and you’ll be glad that you did.

#2: Put stair gates up
Whilst it seems pretty impossible to imagine right now, your tiny little baby will soon be crawling - and then
walking - around your home. There are many opportunities for them to fall and hurt themselves, and the
stairs are arguably the biggest issue for young babies. Put some stair gates up, and remove any trip hazards
from the stairs so that you don’t trip up whilst you’re carrying them.

#3: Keep hazardous chemicals out of reach
Babies love to touch things (OK, not when they’ve only just been born), and eventually they will be able to
get their hands on whatever is available from floor level. This includes hazardous chemicals, so keep them
way out of reach of your child. Even when you’re putting bleach in the toilet, you need to be sure that your
baby can’t get their hands on the bottle, or on the water itself.

#4: Sort out the AC
If you live in an area that has hot summers, you need to make sure that you have AC in order to protect your
baby. Air con will help to regulate their body temperature - babies can’t deal with high or low temperatures
like adults - so be sure to sort out your AC from a place like newacunit.com. A good room temperature will
help them to sleep well, too, but try not to overdo it on the air con.

#5: Watch out for sharp edges
In our homes, we have a lot of exposed sharp edges. This could be on your coffee table, in your kitchen, and
wherever there are cupboards or wardrobes. It’s a good idea to cover these up with corner guards, so that
your baby isn’t at risk of harming themselves when they’re crawling around, or when you’re holding them.
They are relatively cheap, and definitely worth the money.

So, if you want to ensure that your home is safe for your newborn, then keep these 5 things in mind. Enjoy
parenthood, and keeping your baby safe in the process!


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