6 Things First-Time Parents Should Know When Planning a Children’s Party

Celebrating your child’s first birthday gives a whole new level of mixed emotions. But don’t worry; you’ll get used to it. For now, however, you need to make sure that your child’s first birthday bash doesn’t end up being a disaster.

Your child’s first birthday is basically for two things: (a) as a testament of family love, that people are willing to gather together to celebrate them even when they were too young to remember and (b) a pat on the back for you, the parent, for successfully surviving the first year of parenthood. Both are great reasons to celebrate.
Yes, it’s a bit of a challenge, but after all the sleepless nights you’ve been through to get here, surely you’ll do pretty well.
This article throws practical tips that will help you overcome your mix of panic and enthusiasm and make sure your little fella’s first birthday is a spectacular one. Just follow these tips, perhaps throw in a little bit of your own creativity, and get the camera rolling.
Limit Your Guest List
Unless your one-year-old is walkin’ and talkin’, chances are they haven’t got many friends yet. So you invite future friends instead—and their moms and dads.
As much as possible, keep the party simple. Limit your guest list to family members and very close friends. This will make the party more intimate and less overwhelming to plan, knowing that, no matter what, they will understand. Who knows? These people may even help you plan.
Another reason for keeping the party small is if your venue is limited in space. Or your baby just doesn’t like too much noise.
Always Consider Naptime
If you’re going to invite people with kids as well, then that should entail a separate plan for how to keep the venue safe for the children. But most importantly, parents have to consult together and arrive at the best hour of the day to bring the kids together.
Kids enjoy their playtime, but they also need their sleep. And when they’re used to nap schedules, there’s no toy in the room that can stop them from dozing off.
Per most parents, the earlier in the day, the better. A brunch or an afternoon party is generally considered more preferable than evening parties. Don’t forget to limit the party time to an hour or two, at most.
Choose a Theme
Having a theme can simplify your planning efforts manyfold. It will also save you time to shop for party supplies as most party stores sell themed decorations in sets.
Maybe a color will suffice. But why make it boring? Go all-out with a Harry Potter–themed birthday bash complete with mini potion cauldrons and silly wizard hats!
Definitely Not after Doctor Visits
Having your kids vaccinated is of utmost importance. But before you pick a date to throw a party, make sure that your child is at his or her best during the occasion.
It’s not uncommon for kids to be extra cranky or restless days after the shots. So perhaps picking the date of the party on the weekend after they were vaccinated may not be a very good date to put them in that overwhelmingly social situation.
Their comfort should be your foremost concern.
Make It Inclusive
If there are names on your guest list that belong to little humans, you should at least: have a diaper-change station in the venue, have goodies for the kiddos to munch on, and place safety barriers in the place that cut off access to dangerous areas.
Kids are small balls of energy, and you have to give them room to run around, socialize, and interact with other kids. After all, isn’t that what a children’s party is supposed to be?
Accommodate kids of all ages to make sure no one feels left behind.
Make It Memorable
A lot of parents can get obsessed with making everything perfect. Who doesn’t? But before you throw your hands in disappointment over your first Pinterest-versus-real-life fail, remember to set your expectations right.
Have a realistic conversation with your partner about what you want to get from the occasion and what you want your child to cherish from it someday. Sure, it won’t be the Instagrammable cupcakes or the quirky party costumes.
It’s easy to lose yourself in the technicalities of it all, so it’s important to be reminded of the intent. Nobody will bat an eye if your pastries are store-bought. Focus on the things that matter, and make it memorable.


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