Best WeddingTrends for 2019

With weddings being such a big deal in everyone’s lives, it’s no wonder that people want to make sure that the wedding they’re throwing is very much on trend with what’s going on. So if you’re getting married this year and you’re still not sure how to set up the whole concept, here are some tips:


The biggest centerpiece of the entire wedding is often the bride’s gown, and for many brides, it’s the biggest decision of the wedding. In newer trends, you can go two ways: The first one is with a crop top, and you will be able to find so many options for this. They come in both modern and classic styles, and you can decide how much belly you’ll be showing. On the other hand, there is the Meghan Markle style, the long plain gown with a wide neckline. Every bride that wants to feel very classy and not show a lot of skin is going crazy for these styles. And in case you’re not done with royalty, there are aisles filled with dresses that resemble Markle’s reception dress with a halter neck leaving your arms to be shown in the full.

A natural look

Weddings as a whole are taking on a more natural, organic look. Everything from the venues to the bride herself. Inspired, perhaps, once again by the royal wedding, brides are opting for a much subtler look when it comes to their makeup. I thought that a natural look will be too plain, so I searched for the best eyelash extensions near me and had them done some time before the wedding to get used to them. They made a big difference! It’s a beautiful thing to see a bride that organically fits into the surrounding, so if you have peachy flowers as your centerpieces, perhaps a little peachy tone on your eyelids would go great. You also want to turn your venue into a more rustic-looking place, with as much emphasis on natural materials as possible.

Custom everything

You practically can’t get anything off-the-shelf anymore, and frankly, your guests expect more of you. This might be why we’re seeing ceremonies that are smaller and smaller, but the same amount of work that goes into the preparation. You want to get little blackboards and hand write your friend’s names so they can find their seat, and prepare wedding favors that are a lot more than just packing a piece of chocolate and a thank-you card. Personalize as many things as you can, and your guests will leave with an impression that you truly do care for them, even if you didn’t have a lot of time to spend with each of them.

Towards a younger crowd

Weddings aren’t just ceremonies anymore – they are the best party a person can throw. And as that’s becoming more apparent, people are choosing to throw weddings that cater to their own generation and their friends. So you might see “hangover kits” as wedding favors, a custom hashtag to tag all of the pictures on Instagram and other details that relate to a younger audience. The dancefloor will stay the same, but the music will include fewer slow songs and more of what you’re used to hearing at a party. The food will be much more than traditional “stake or fish”, leaning towards edible art, new cooking methods or foods that young people just like to eat these days, like nachos, pizza and ice cream. Make no mistake, none of this looks like a street party – everything can be elevated to an elegant level which shows that this is a special occasion. But there’s no denying that some things are changing.

So if you’re throwing a wedding this year, first ask yourself what you want. And if you at any point run out of ideas, the trends are here to guide you to a new one.


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