CBD topical patches: A discreet answer to your needs

Transdermal patches have been around for more than 40 years. The very first FDA-approved the transdermal patch was that of scopolamine for those with motion sickness. The effectiveness of transdermal delivery has resulted in the subsequent creation and approval of several other patches including the nicotine patch. According to records, people interested in quitting smoking began using nicotine patches back in 1991, and it has worked marvelously well for the most.

What does a CBD transdermal patch contain?

The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana brought a new wave of transdermal patches – the CBD patches. Over the last couple of years, it has given nicotine patches a fierce competition in popularity although much of their markets don't overlap. Most CBD patches contain only CBD along with trace levels of CBL (Cannabicyclol), CBC (Cannabichromene), CBG (cannabigerol) and CBN (cannabinol). All of these are natural cannabinoid compounds that do not have any psychoactive effect. Unless you are going for a full spectrum CBD patch, it should not contain any THC at all. Broad spectrum CBD patches contain CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC CBL, and trace terpenes, but they do not get the user "high."Learn more about topical CBD patches from the Global Cannabinoids website.

How does a topical CBD patchwork?

A CBD patch may look similar to a band-aid with discrete packaging. Many companies create customized labels and prints for their consumers, who want to use the patches discreetly. The CBD is present in the plastic Band-Aid-like piece that you can apply to any part of your body near the veins. Whether you want to use it on your wrist, ankle or arms depends entirely up to you. The adhesive makes the piece stick in place for long hours even in humid conditions just like the quintessential Band-Aid. The body heat acts as the activation for the CBD patch that releases a small amount of the compound directly into your bloodstream.
One of the most lucrative advantages of topical delivery of CBD is the bypass of the first pass effect. The compounds bypass your lungs, stomach, and liver that is otherwise impossible to do for oral forms. According to recent research, topical CBD administration allows the user to experience 100% of the medicinal value of the compound. It addresses chronic pain and swelling almost readily, and much faster than the oral forms.

What are the different types of CBD patches?

Now, you might wonder if all CBD patches in the world work the same way. After all the nicotine patches we know of work in more or less the same manner. Thanks to the advancement of design and biomedicine, we don’t have to rely on only one type of dermal patch for CBD delivery.
Currently, two different types of transdermal patches are popular –

i.                    Matrix patches
In the matrix patch, the molecules are present in the matrix itself. The infusion of the CBD in the adhesive of the patch allows direct delivery to the bloodstream. Upon contact and activation, the molecules begin moving from the adhesive patch into the skin (higher concentration to lower concentration), and they continue to do so until the matrix does not contain any more molecules. The dose depends on the strength of cannabinoids in the matrix and the area of the skin under the patch.

ii.                  Reservoir patches
The reservoir patches hold the CBD molecules inside a reservoir within the patch. The CBD in a gel matrix diffuses out through a membrane that controls the rate of release. According to reports, reservoir patches are more powerful, and they provide better-controlled release of the cannabinoids as compared to the matrix patches. They have been popular for almost 40 years for pain management and addressing anxiety problems among many. These patches ensure that the user does not receive too much medication at once.

Why should you choose the transdermal method of CBD delivery?

You may have already heard a few good reasons why you should use a topical CBD patch. Here are some of the proven benefits of CBD patches that we have compiled from years of research and observation –

i.                    They have a long-lasting effect
Topical patches can last for four to six hours depending on its quality and the concentration of CBD. Good quality patches provide optimal control of CBD release that prolongs its effect on the human body. It is more beneficial than oils and tinctures since they have the first pass effect in addition to the tapering off of the action within an hour or so.

ii.                  They are ideal for customization
Users can customize their CBD patches as per their therapeutic needs. Scientists have isolated over 113 cannabinoid compounds and these patches can contain a mix of these depending on which ones you need. Whether you want a full spectrum, broad spectrum or exclusively CBD patches, you can mention that during the purchase.

iii.                They are inconspicuous
Like nicotine patches, cannabinoid patches are entirely discreet. You can wear them during work, driving or spending time with your family. It is a smart way to get your CBD without popping pills or placing tinctures in your drinks. Apart from being discrete, they are worth your money. They can give you a steady dose of CBD depending on their longevity. The longevity of a patch varies between companies and types, so check the packaging or speak to an executive before you make your decision.

CBD patches are becoming the go-to solution for those suffering from chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer pain, PTSD, seizures and convulsions, spasms, anxiety attacks, and anorexia. Slowly more research is emerging on the healing effects of CBD on the human system. However, the administration remains a problem for the majority. Especially if your workplace requires you to take drug tests frequently, it might be next to impossible for you to consume marijuana in the traditional forms. In such cases, CBD patches provide the necessary relief from several of these ailments while being completely discreet, yet effective. Your topical CBD patch should not contain any THC if you have chosen a broad-spectrum patch. Therefore, it is also safe for drug tests that check only for the presence of THC.


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