Easy hire of mini skip bins in Adelaide ensures eco-friendly rubbish disposal from homes


Household garbage disposal, if not done with proper care, can cause health hazards and damage the environment. Every Adelaide resident is responsible for removing all rubbish and garbage collected at home in an organized manner by complying with the environmental guidelines. This would necessitate collecting the trash in Supreme Skip Bins that are available on hire at affordable rates. Hiring skip bins for 4 days is quite affordable, and it takes away all worries and concerns of safe garbage and rubbish disposal. From general rubbish to mixed rubbish and from builder's waste, concrete and green waste you can put everything in the garbage bins or skip bins meant exclusively for collecting all types of rubbish.

Bin hiring procedure

Availability of bins is never a problem as the services are available 6 days a week to enable residents to plan their rubbish disposal schedule in the way they want. Some bin hiring companies in Adelaide accept online booking of skip bins, and the facility is available 24x7.  Delivery of bins takes place the next day, but for same day delivery, you must book the bin by 10 am.  Different sizes of bins are available, and you must select a suitable size to fill the bin with all kinds of rubbish.

Bin sizes

 Bin sizes are expressed in terms of its capacity or volume and are available in capacities of 2m3, 4 m3, 6 m3 and 9 m3.  A 2 m3 bin measures 1.8 meters in length, 1.4 meters wide and 0.9 meters high. The numbers might not make much sense to understand how much rubbish you can put in the bin and an easier way is to view the numbers in relation to some known volumes meaning that a 2m3 skip bin can hold rubbish equivalent to 2 trailer loads of waste. Similarly, 4 m3 bins can hold enough garbage from home renovations that can fill 4 standard trailers.  Now you can gauge how much rubbish you can put in the larger bins of 6 m3 and 9 m3 capacities. The larger bins can hold a variety of items belonging to the category of general rubbish including carpet, lounge suits and debris collected from home and garden cleaning.

Item Restrictions

The purpose of hiring bins is to ensure safe and environmentally friendly rubbish disposal, which means that you cannot just put anything and everything in the bins. You cannot put any toxic or hazardous materials like paints, chemicals, etc. in the bins. Moreover, you also cannot throw e-waste in the bins meant for general rubbish. However, by paying some extra charges, you can throw items like computer monitors, televisions, tires, LPG cylinders and tires on rims in skips marked for mixed rubbish and general rubbish. You must not mix these items with other rubbish but place it at the top only by ensuring that it does not protrude outside.
Life becomes easy when you hire skip bins that are delivered to your doorstep because proper rubbish removal ensures a clean and healthy home while ensuring a better environment too.


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