How Can You Contribute in Reducing Greenhouse Gases?

If you have not been living under a rock, during various lengthy ozone layer depletion and global warming discussions, you must have come across the term Greenhouse gases

What are Greenhouse Gases?
The sunlight keeps our planet warm. Out of the 100% of the sunlight, 30% is reflected back by the water bodies and reflective surfaces and 70% is absorbed by the land, ocean, and atmosphere which helps in keeping the earth warm enough. During the day the heat is absorbed and at night it is released from the earth in the form of the Infra-Red rays through the atmosphere out in the space. There are certain gases like ozone, methane and carbon dioxide which are capable of absorbing the Infra-Red radiation and radiate thermal radiation back to the atmosphere, these are greenhouse gases and these gases help to keep the earth warm else it would become too cold to survive. This effect is called the Greenhouse effect.
But due to the increasing level of greenhouse gases because of human activities, global warming is increasing which may result in the melting of glaciers, the rise in sea level and increased heat waves which may ultimately lead to catastrophe.
Ways to Reduce Greenhouse Gases:
1. Switch to Hybrid Cars:
People who can afford should switch to hybrid cars which use electricity more than gasoline hence reduce the carbon dioxide emission. 
2. Reduce, Recycle and Reuse:
If people can reduce the use of materials like packaging, stop using plastics and recycle half of their household waste, they will reduce their carbon footprint in the atmosphere.
3. Buy Energy-Efficient Appliances:
When you buy any home appliance, make sure to check its energy efficiency. All the electrical appliances come with star ratings which indicate their efficiency. Do not purchase anything below 4 stars. The higher the rating, the more expensive the appliance becomes but in the long run it will save a lot of electricity and think about the environmental advantages as well.
4. Plant a Tree:
You can also reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by planting trees which are known to absorb carbon dioxide for photosynthesis hence if each one of us takes up the responsibility to plant more trees around us, imagine the reduction in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
5. Switch to Cleaner Fuels:
Burning of fossil fuel releases a lot of carbon dioxide which adds up to the increase in greenhouse gases hence switching to a cleaner source of energy is a better option. Use renewable sources of energies which has no carbon footprint as your energy sources. Switching to solar, tidal, wind, hydro or biomass for power generation can contribute to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by replacing the fossil fuel power plants. Switching off your expensive home radiator and burning high calorific value biomass wood pellets from which is carbon dioxide neutral as the amount of carbon dioxide it generates while burning is negated by the absorption of carbon dioxide by the plants during their life cycle can heat your house quickly and efficiently and limit the carbon dioxide emission.
The best method to help in reducing the greenhouse gases are by creating awareness amongst people about its effects and how each individual can contribute to help in reducing the carbon footprint. Share as much information about energy conservation and recycling to all your friends and neighbors as such small contributions will result in a big positive shift in dealing with environmental issues.


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