Planning The Perfect Baby Shower On A Tight Budget

Planning a baby shower is a great way to celebrate a milestone for a friend or loved one, and spend
some quality time together before the big day arrives. It’s a great tradition, but it’s also a big responsibility
if you’re the one that is tasked with throwing the baby shower. You want to make sure that everybody
has a great time and everything is just perfect, but a lot of people worry about the financial aspect.

If you hire somewhere out and then pay for food and drinks etc. you can quickly start racking up a big bill
for the baby shower, and that’s before you’ve even thought about the gifts. For some people, that’s fine
because they’ve got the money to spend and they want to do something special. But if you can’t afford
to do that, you might worry about how you’re going to put on a good baby shower. The important thing to
remember is that it’s not about how much money you spend as long as you can get everybody together
and have a good time. It’s absolutely possible to throw an amazing baby shower without breaking the
bank. These are some of the best ways to throw a great baby shower on a budget.

Manage Expectations

This is important because the mother to be may be disappointed if they’re expecting a big budget baby
shower and you simply can’t afford to do that. You should start off by asking them what they had in mind
for the shower and what things they would like included. Then let them know what you can afford to
spend and explain that you’ll try to incorporate as much as possible for that price. Then you need to ask
them honestly if they’re ok with that. In most cases, they won’t mind at all but if they do, they can ask
somebody else to throw the shower or maybe get somebody else to help you out so you can afford to
do a bit more with it. The important thing is that you speak with them beforehand and make it clear what
you can afford.

Put Together A Good Team

A lot of the stuff that you would normally pay a lot for can just be handled by friends, so make sure to ask
for help and put together a good team to help you with the baby shower. For example, one or two people
can handle food, it’ll be far cheaper if they make some things and bring them along rather than ordering
in from a catering company. Others can make some handmade decorations, it’s cheaper than buying
them all and it gives the baby shower a more personal feel. If you’re struggling to cover the costs, you
could ask everybody to put a little bit of money in to help pay for everything.

Find A Free Venue

When you’re trying to find a venue, there’s no need to hire somewhere out. First off, you should ask
around and see if any of the guests are willing to host it at their house, unless you have the space to
host it for yourself. If that isn’t an option, you could think about throwing it outside in a local park (as long
as the weather is going to be good). An outdoor baby shower in the summer is great and it won’t cost
you a penny. If you’re really struggling to find somewhere that is completely free, look at places like
recreation centres which aren’t going to charge that much.

If you’re renting out somewhere like a cafe or a restaurant with a function room, it’s going to cost you a
lot of money which you don’t really need to spend.

Budget Gifts

People tend to buy practical gifts at a baby shower like diapers, cribs, clothes or toys. The problem is,
baby stuff is expensive and you might not be able to afford that after you’ve already paid for the baby
shower. But often, it’s the thoughtful baby shower gifts that are best received and they don’t have to be

If you have kids of your own, any old hand-me-downs that you have will definitely be appreciated. You
could also create a great photo album of your time together or even bring a load of home cooked meals
that they can keep in the freezer so when the baby comes, they don’t have to worry about cooking. As
long as the mother to be can see that you’ve put a lot of thought into your gift, it doesn’t matter how
expensive it is.


Buying decorations is a waste of money because you can easily make them for yourself. If you get
together for a few weekends before the shower, you can all make some simple decorations out of cheap
craft supplies or even things that you’ve already got lying around the house. If you get creative with it,
you can make some brilliant decorations without spending anything at all.

When you’re making decorations, it’s always a good idea to make them gender neutral. It’s likely that
other people in your social circle are going to have babies at some point and one of you will be planning
a shower for them. If you make gender neutral decorations and keep them, you can reuse them again
in the future to save money.

Free Party Games

Entertainment is an important part of the baby shower, but the good news is, it doesn’t have to cost
you anything at all. There are plenty of great baby shower games that you can play for free, and they’re
great fun. Click this link for a great list of the different games that you can play. You could ask everybody
to bring a baby photo of themselves and then play a great game where you all try to guess who is who
or you could even try to guess the gender of the baby (providing that the mother to be hasn’t already
told anybody). These simple party games are all great fun and they don’t have to cost you anything at
all. It’s also a great way for people to get to know each other better if you’ve got a lot of guests that
haven’t met before.

Party Favors

It’s always nice to give all of the guests a party favor so they’ve got something to remember the baby
shower, but it can quickly get expensive if you’re buying small gifts for everybody that attends. But
sometimes, you might already have things lying around the house that you could use as small party
favors so it’s worth looking around and seeing what you can put together. For example, you might have
things like makeup samples or small houseplants that would make a great gift. Guests aren’t expecting
anything too expensive because they’ll understand that it’s just not affordable. You could even consider
regifting presents that you received in the past but didn’t want.

Alternatively, you could think about making your own party favors instead. It’s a lot cheaper but it shows
that you’ve really put some thought into it and that will be appreciated. Making things like scented
candles or bath bombs is actually very easy and it will cost you next to nothing to do.

You don’t have to hire out a big venue and spend loads of money on decorations, food, and gifts to have
a great baby shower. Just follow these tips and you can plan the perfect shower on a budget.


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