Six Best Things to Do in Hong Kong over Weekend

Whether you have just moved to Hong Kong, or you are there for a small tour, you will want a list of things you can do during your stay. Honk Kong is replete with restaurants, live events, amusement parks, and shopping districts. It is challenging to cover all the attractions without a to-do list.

Most of us have just the weekends to spare and accommodating the best of the Hong Kong experiences within those two days and three nights should be every traveler's target. Here are the best things to do in HK for every off-beat traveler –


i.                    Travel by the tram
Hong Kong is famous for its clean and punctual public transport system. When in Hong Kong, you should take the tram from Kennedy Town to Shau Kei Wan to travel the entire length of the city. These old trams are the best part of the city’s transport. Get off at one of the ferry points. Take the Star Ferry. While traveling in Hong Kong, the first thing you need to do is get an Octopus card. It will simplify all your transactions within the city, whether it is a tram ride, or paying for your food.

ii.                  Go to the peak  

The view from the summit is panoramic and the best when there are no clouds. Check your Hong Kong weather app for weather predictions. One you are almost at the top, instead of going to the crowded platform take the winding road down. It will be one of the best city hikes for anyone.

iii.                Go on the Hong Kong trail
Hikers love Hong Kong because of all the fantastic trails. Check out the Mount Butler route for a picturesque view of the city. The path is a little over 50 km, but it is super easy even for amateur hikers.

iv.                Chill at the beach
If you are going to enjoy the weekend with friends and family, hit the beach. There’re tons of seafood, small sit-out bars and quite a few luxurious resorts, cum spas 5 minutes from the beach.

v.                  Don’t forget to shop
Whether you are leaving Hong Kong after the long weekend or gearing up to go back to work, a shopping spree should perk you right up. Whether you want to check out the fresh catches in MongKog or explore seafood options in Central, Hong Kong has the best fresh seafood market in the world. Even when you don't want to buy, looking at those gorgeous silver finned beauties hanging from each stall is a sight to behold.

vi.                Cable car ride

Although not a lot of tourists opt for the Ngong Ping cable car ride, it is totally worth it. Check out the glass bottom cable cars that give you a completely unhindered view of the base. Once you are at the top, begin hiking through the lands with shops on both sides to the Po Ling Monastery.

Hong Kong has tons of hidden viewpoints and potential panorama shots if you know where to look. It is a city that can satiate the thirst of every traveler, irrespective of what they search.


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