15 Beautiful Birdhouses

Add a touch of charm to your outdoor space with these beautiful birdhouses. These are unique and charming options that any bird would love to nest in!

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Country Farmhouse Birdhouse
This birdhouse features all of the charm of a farmhouse, which will delight your winged visitors!

Butterfly Painted Bird Box
Put out your welcome sign for winged friends with this hand painted birdhouse. Featuring butterflies and sunflowers, this bird box makes a cheerful addition to your outdoor decor.

Cedar Wren House
This simple cedar house smells lovely and makes an ideal home for wrens. At under $15 you might want to add a few to your backyard.

Vintage Tall Birdhouse
This is a visually stunning addition to any outdoor space, and it provides a lovely home for a variety of birds. at under $20, you will want to get one for your feathered friends.

Window Bird Box
Snow and squirrel resistant, this window box allows you to view your visitors with ease. This one drains rain water and is easy to refill with seed.

Copper Roofed Birdhouse 
This pretty octagon shaped birdhouse features a stunning copper roof. It makes the perfect home for a songbird and the perfect addition to your garden area.

Watering Can Birdhouse
Made from a watering can, this stunning birdhouse would be perfect in a farmhouse backyard or as a pretty accent near the front of your house that will catch the eye and delight both humans and birds.

Bird Cottage
This bird cottage begs to be set atop a pole and admired while songbirds sing a tune in the distance.

Cowboy Boot Birdhouse
Give the birds the boot, literally. This unique birdhouse is made of a cowboy boot and is as charming as it can be!

Retro Nesting Box
This nesting box is painted in a retro fashion to welcome birds to nest and stay awhile. With cheerful yet elegant flowers painted on the front, it is functional and decorative. Best of all it costs under $20.

Diamond Dove House
This diamond shaped bird house is perfect for offering some lovey- doves to nest and call your space, their space. This box is under $30 and is subtle yet pleasing to the eye, and to the ear with the gentle coos, you will enjoy from visiting doves.

Acorn Painted Bird House
This birdhouse is decorative and pretty. It is shaped and painted to look like an acorn which would make a perfect home for feathered friends.

Nantucket Bird Cottage
This little blue cottage is so cute you might wonder if it is available in a size large enough to accommodate something bigger than birds, like people! This little cottage oozes charm!

Victorian Cottage Bird Box
This little cottage has so much Victorian charm that it practically begs birds to call it home. I don't think the birds will object at all. At under $40 this is a great addition to the outside of any home.

Log Cabin Birdhouse 
Offer the birds a home with loads of rustic charm. This log cabin will be a functional home for a variety of homes while adding a little something to your outdoor space.


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