Different types of Horse racing and its popularity all across the world

Horses are very efficient animals since ancient times they have been used for transport, sports, and other recreational activities. The horses make for the perfect pets. Previously horses were used for transportation purposes, and they were also used for carrying loads from one place to another. The horses were domesticated since ancient times and previously having a horse is a necessity but now a day’s having a horse is a luxury a few can afford. Horses are used for many sports be it horse racing, polo, dressage, equestrian vaulting, and many other sports.

Horse racing has been in practice since ancient times, but the sport differs in the present day scenario. Previously horse racing was called chariot racing, and these sports were very dangerous costing the life of the riders and the horses’.The competition was fierce, and like any competition, the winner gets awarded. During ancient times chariot racing was watched by women too, mostly the women were banned from watching many other sports.

Horse racing until today is a competitive sport in which the riders participate to win. Horse racing can be done with the horse jockeys or just with the horses. The race can be fierce, and the winner takes all. Racing a horse to the finish line requires a great amount of courage and training.

Horse racing in ancient times

Horse racing or chariot racing was very popular in Syria, ancient Greece, Roman times and Iranian times. Chariot racing is an extreme sport which could cost the rider and the horse their lives, but this adds to the enthusiasm of the spectators. Horse racing or chariot racing was in existence since a very long time, but the exact date cannot be traced, the ancient Greeks and roman would cast in or carve the chariot activities on their pottery or any other ancient art hence giving the idea that the ancient people were familiar with horse racing or chariot racing. You can check D Cappel Horsemanship horse training to see how popular it is.

Horse racing today

Horse racing today is a luxury game which fascinates the rich and powerful people. Horse racing is an expensive sport, and it costs a lot to participate in this sport. Competition is a sport in which two or more teams participate and race towards the finishing line anyone who comes in first in crossing the finishing line wins the game. Horse racing can be of different types let’s take a look at the different horse racing

Flat racing

This race is popular throughout the world. This sport requires an oval-shaped race course. The race course ranges from 400 meters to 4 kilometers. The horse runs in level ground, and the one who finishes first is the winner. Flat racing does not require the horse to jump over obstacles; rather the horse runs over level ground in a competition between two horses and two jockeys or more.

Jump racing

Another type of horse racing is the jump racing this type of race requires the horse to jump over an obstacle; it can either be a ditch or a fence. Jump racing is also known as national hunt racing in Ireland, France, and the UK. National hunt racing requires the horse and jockey to run on uneven ground for about 7.2 km.

Endurance racing

Endurance racing first started in 1955. This kind of race requires testing the strength of a horse because the horse and jockey are assigned to run around at a long distance. The distances may vary, but the most acceptable distance is over 160 km. Endurance racing requires a lot of patience and the horse strength is tested. The horses are running on uneven terrains. The winner here is the one who crosses the finishing line the fastest, but in this kind of race the horses are checked periodically to see if it can continue the race or not

Horse breeds

The breeds of horses are also important to determine their stance in the race. Most of the race is run by a similar type of breeds. Mostly only similar breed horses are allowed in the competition. Let’s take a look at the different type of horse breed

Thoroughbred horses

Thoroughbred horses are very common in horse racing activities. These thoroughbred horses are referred to as purebred horses. It came into existence in England when the mares were crossbred with the Arabian, Turkoman and Barb bred horses. It was in the 17th and 18th century that the thoroughbred horses were imported throughout the world. These type of horses are common in horse racing, and they make for the best competitors. Thoroughbred horses are hot blooded horses and although the thoroughbred is mainly used for racing it is also used for other riding disciplines.

Arab breeds horses

Another breed of horses used in horse racing is the Arab breeds. These horses were bred in the Arabian Peninsula and were not introduced to the world until the late 18th Century. The Arab breed horses are commonly used in warfare and for trade. In horse racing; the Arabian breeds are mainly used in endurance racing.

Quarter horses
Another breed of horses is the quarter breed. These are a crossbreed between the English breed and the Colonial Spanish horses. The ancestors of these breeds were prevalent in the 17th century in America.The quarter horses are mainly used for plow work and cattle work, but they are used in horse racing too.

Therefore there are many breeds of horses, but thoroughbred horses are mainly used for horse racing. As a racing lover, you can choose any breed and watch their skills on the race tracks across the world. The popularity of horse racing is ever increasing and one can never miss the thrill associated with it.
Horse racing is difficult sports which require the jockey to have excellent horse riding skills to maneuver a horse. Horse racing is popular across the world especially in the 19 and 20thcentury although with the dawn of the 21st-century horses racing has become unpopular in some parts of the world, it is still very popular.



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