Handy Guide to choose best Linen Tablecloths for your home?

As like many other handy home utilities, table linens are also essential to set the right tone to your dining room table. When it comes to hosting an event, usage of right table linens can transform the space and fill it with the right ambiance you dream of achieving. There are plenty of choices while considering table linen, however choosing an appropriate tablecloth is easy if you are doing some homework and baseline planning about it. In this handy guide, we will discuss some frequently asked questions about linen tablecloth.


  • What should I look for while considering fine table linens?

The premium quality fine linens are characterized by the right combination of cozy material, expert weaving, fine craftsmanship, and clever design. Most of the table linens are made from a pure linen or cotton blends which are durable, soft, and absorbent.

  • What materials are used for making table linens?

As these need to be with absorbent quality and strong, linen and cotton are the most recommended materials for the tablecloth. Also, it needs to be long-lasting while ironing and give a luxurious look and feel for long. For household use, considering the ease of care, there is a wide range of easy to care linen collections out there, which are wrinkle free and stain resistant too.

  • What are the differences between cotton and linen?

In fact, both cotton and linen tablecloths for sale are made of natural fibers. Linen is made of a flax plant that grows in cooler climates of the western and eastern European countries mostly. Cotton is extracted from cotton plants, which grow largely in hot, humid climates and comes from across the globe. Both these fabrics are of supreme quality with qualities as durability, absorbability, and getting softer over time with use.

In fact, there are some primary differences between cotton and linen. Linen is lighter than cotton and feels much crisper to touch. Linen also becomes whiter and sturdier over time with usage. Linen also is slightly better in terms of absorbing ability than cotton and also lint-free. Cotton may shrink more compared linen.

  • How to determine the quality of cotton tablecloth?

You can understand the quality of cotton based on the length of the fibers used. Longer fibers may spin into much stronger and smoother through the finest yarns. These are used to create supreme quality cotton fabrics, which are more durable and softer. We can see that Egyptian cotton is the highest priced as it is grown in highly humid weather at the soils at the banks of Nile in the delta plains. From this, the farmers get the delicate fibers which can be woven as long fibers. The cotton from Egypt is with an average staple length of about two and a half inches, which is almost twice as the length of the generic cotton.

  • How to determine the quality of linen fabric?

The top quality linen fabrics are made of longer linen fibers and are produced in the fine yarns. In addition to this, the fibers used in linen tablecloth are also consistent in thickness with no coarse knots or slubs which are uneven. This makes linen much smooth as felt on our hands. Belgian and Irish linen are acknowledged as the finest linen of the world.

So, while choosing linen tablecloth, you are deciding as the linen has significant advantages of cotton, even though a bit costly. There are plenty of verities available in the linen tablecloths now which you can choose from based on your ideas and budget.


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