How Instagram Likes Increases Sales For Beauty Products?


Rise of social media:
Social media or social apps have become an important part of everyone’s life nowadays. These apps not only gained the attention of people for the purpose of socializing but also for the entertainment and business reasons. Instagram is one of those apps which have an incredible reach and has the highest rates among all the social networking apps. It has made business and marketing much easier than before. A large number of people are now running their businesses successfully with the help of the app. They regularly post the images of their products making people aware of their business and thus receive likes and comments.

Instagram and the beauty business:
Talking about businesses, there are a great number of pages regarding beauty products on Instagram. The app is helping many people reach success who are either selling beauty products, or create makeup tutorials on Instagram. However, the success of this beauty business is dependent on how many followers each beauty account receives, and obviously, likes are really essential on Instagram especially if it’s a business account. A large number of likes means that these products are actually really good and are worth buying. It may increase the sales of beauty products. A post that contains a large number of instagram likes increases the visibility on Instagram. So, in order to run a business through social media, it is really important to ask your friends and family to like and comment on your each and every post and suggest their followers about your page or products. Some people do buy likes for the publicity of their business but it’s like hurting your brand and products. Receiving fake likes doesn’t imply that you will also be able to bring about increase in your sales.

Beauty products and the risk attached:
Beauty products are something that nobody wants to take a risk while purchasing it. Women are very peculiar about buying these, and so they ask many questions and make many queries about a product regarding its nature, effects, and reliability. They are greatly concerned about whether the product would suit them or not, whether it is original, fake, or expired, and the company or the brand is popular or not. Therefore, when a particular account that sells the beauty products receives a great number of followers as well as likes and feedback, people believe that this particular brand is worth trying. Thus, in this way, a huge number of likes compel people to purchase the products.

Rise in opportunities due to social media:
Instagram has made lives of many people easier in regards to setting up a business and running it. The app has allowed people to be creative enough to bring about new ideas in the world of marketing. Many women have got the opportunity to run their own business of the beauty products in particular because of Instagram. Hence, we can see how social media has brought immense changes in our lives in a positive way.


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