Tips to Save Your Sanity on A Family Getaway

Everyone will always say that family is the most essential part of your life and that they will always love
and be there for you.  But, what do you do when you have had just a little too much bonding time?

You are preparing for an extended vacation, and the road seems a little rocky. Your mom will not stop
stressing out about all the details. Your dad seems only ever to say the worst dad jokes known to man.
Before you take a ride on the stress train, pull over a weighted blanket and read below as a guide to
prepare for a stress free vacation. 

The world feels like it’s going to end, but here is how to try and save the little bit of sanity left in you
when planning for the perfect family vacation.

Get Up Earlier Than You Typically Would

While waking up early sounds like the worst thing to do on vacation, it can actually help you have some
alone time. If you are on a beach, a nice walk at sunrise can calm you down for the day. If you are in the
mountains, a cup of coffee and a good book before everyone else wakes up can prevent you from
getting irritated quickly. The silence of the early morning can prepare you for a hectic day.

Give Everyone A Little Bit of Their Own Space

Chances are, you are not the only one losing your mind on this vacation. Make sure to allow everyone
to have their own room, corner, time, or whatever your vacation space allows for. If your entire family
has a little space to call their own, there will be way fewer meltdowns just waiting to happen.

Get Together as a Family Meeting When You Arrive

Planning is not necessary for a fun vacation but setting a little guideline can help keep everyone's heads
screwed on. Discuss how you all want to spend your time and what everyone would like to do alone.
Whether it's calling dibs on a shower time or asking to go to a particular restaurant, as long as everyone does something they wanted to do, everybody will be happy, and no fights will break out.

Schedule Some Inside Activities

It is no myth that the sun can leave anyone exhausted if too much time is spent in it. While most
activities should involve enjoying the beautiful outdoors, have some inside time, too. It will prevent
breakdowns over sunburn, heat headaches, heat exhaustion, bug bites, and whatever else goes along
with it.

Get A Good Amount of Sleep

If you are regularly waking up tired, there is a high chance of you being more irritable and frustrated
throughout your day. Waking up with a good night of rest can set the tone for your entire day, just like
waking up exhausted can as well. Going to bed at a reasonable hour, and actually sleeping once you
are in bed can leave you well rested for your next day, preventing any grumpiness.

Make Everyone Eats A Healthy Breakfast

It is no lie that eating breakfast is the start to a great day. It is the most important meal and is too often
overlooked. Making sure everyone grabs a bite to eat in the morning, whether it is a granola bar, bowl
of fruit, pancakes, and waffles, or cereal, can prevent anyone from getting too hangry later in the day.

Bring Something That Can Distract You from Reality

Eventually, you may need something that can take your mind off of your crazy family and get you
focused on something else. A book you have been dying to read, running a few miles, or doing yoga
can all help relax your mind and take you to a happy place amidst an insane family.

Try To Make Sure Everyone Stays Relaxed

If anyone is ever too stressed out, it can take a toll on everyone's vacation time. One grumpy person
can and will ruin it for everyone, so allowing everyone to cool off every once in a while, can ensure a
stress-free vacation.

Do Something Special with Everyone to Show Appreciation

Making sure everyone knows that family is everything, believe it or not, is a key to having a healthy
vacation. Even though every single person with you is driving you crazy, they are family, and they
deserve your love. So, try and take your dad golfing, or your mom shopping, or little kids to a candy
shop, just to show that you do love them, despite the fact that they drive you insane. A little appreciation
can go a long way.


Family vacations are often a crazy time for every single family, but they do give you memories that no
one can take away from you. Even though at the moment, your older brother dropping his phone in the
ocean felt like the end of the world, it creates a funny topic in your later years of life. Having a healthy,
sane vacation can be hard, but with the right tips and tricks, it can be done.


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