GPS Tracker for Kids - Test & Compare 2019

When looking for a GPS tracker for children's test it is worth taking a look at the websites of Stiftung Warentest and other publishers of test reports. We have researched to give you an overview of existing personal GPS tracking device reviews. In addition, you will find a comparison of various GPS stations for children created by us.

GPS transmitters for children are special directional transmitters for determining the exact location of persons. They can be placed in the school bag, in the luggage, on the bicycle or in the car or placed. This way, children can be located quickly and safely in an emergency. It is also possible to define a movement radius. The GPS Tracker then notifies the parent when the child is outside of this area.
GPS Tracker for Kids Comparison: Weenect, Trackimo And More
We now go to our comparison of the GPS tracker for children we have based on publicly available manufacturer information and existing customer reviews created.
The products were not tested by us in practice. Decisive for our comparison were the criteria which you see directly to the right of the product image. In addition, existing customer reviews were consulted.

Parents can use GPS trackers for children to quickly find children in dangerous situations. Now the question arises, what should such a GPS transmitter for children should and what aspects should be considered when buying. GPS trackers can be very different. The size ranges from small, compact watch format to mobile phone size. Depending on the intended use, the GPS transmitter for children should also be shock and water resistant.
The devices can also feature numerous features such as communication functions, SOS function or maps. To be able to use the GPS trackers for children, they should be attached to the school bag or to the child himself. So the device can save lives in an emergency. We would now like to introduce some examples of GPS devices from well-known labels and compare them in the GPS Tracker test. Here are our favorites.
Weenect - Kids GPS Tracker
Color : Blue
Size: 6.5 x 1.8 x 4 cm
Weight: 54 grams
phone function : Yes
Features: Compact GPS unit for children
66.67 EUR 
With the Weenect Kids GPS Tracker, parents are always reassured and know where the child is. The GPS location is connected to the smartphone. The peculiarity is that there is no restriction on distance and real-time location. The device has a child-friendly alarm button and a telephone function. The GPS transmitter for kids indicates whether the child is in the defined area or outside. The product is our buy recommendation because the child can be located in three different ways, via map, compass or radar. This gives the children more freedom, is independent and yet safe and easy to find if a child gets lost or gets into an accident. 
Kobwa - Smart Watch for Kids
Brand : Kobwa GPS tracker for children test result 
Color : Blue
Size: 5.4 x 3.4 x 1.3 cm 54 * 34 * 13mm
Weight: 35 grams
phone function : Yes
Features: Functional SmartWatch with many extras
from 59,99 EUR
The device has a 0.96 inch display and allows the setting of the alarm clock, phone calls, GPS tracking, step count, SOS alarm. The Smart Watch is compatible with iPhone and Samsung. So the clock can also be used as a mobile phone to make calls. The compact device in battery operation is set to long-term operation is extremely accurate to 10 meters. Rating:  A good price for the described performance. But we are a bit skeptical because the customer reviews on Amazon are very contradictory. Some customers are very satisfied, some are not.

GPS tracker for children: GoFindMe (waterproof)
Brand: GoFindMe
Color: Black / Blue
Size:  130mm*36mm*17mm
Weight: 85g
Phone function :  offline maps, off-grid message.
Features: Innovative GPS Tracker for many situations
180.00 EUR 
The GoFindMe GPS Tracker is waterproof and featured with SOS signal sending and geo fencing. The device is compact and handy and supports GPS tracking even with no cellular service. The GPS Tracker can be used for seniors, children and pets. Review: Helpful GPS tracker for kids at home and on the go. A good alternative to our buy tip!
GPS Tracker for Children: Incutex - TK104
Brand : Incutex
Color : Black
Size: 6.4 x 4.6 x 1.7 cm
Weight: about 48 grams
Phone function : SMS only with location data available
Features: 280 hours runtime in power saving mode, accuracy about 5m, SOS key for emergencies
81,99 EUR 
The Incutex GPS Tracker can be located up to 5m. That's a very good value. Particularly noteworthy is also the long operating time of about 280 hours when in energy-saving mode queries only once a day the location. The tracker also has an SOS button for emergencies. Previous customers on Amazon are very satisfied and give on average 4 out of 5 stars. Review:  All in all, a good tracker who reliably does what he should.
GPS Tracker for Children: Generic - GPS Locator Triangle
Brand : Generic
Color : Blue, more colors available
Size: 3.25 x 3.65 x 0.72 cm
Weight: -
Phone Function : -
Features: Colorful GPS tracker in triangle design
From 3,22 EUR
This little all-rounder is our price tip. Why? Here is the price-performance ratio. The high-quality device for the super low price has important features like 4.0 Low Energy Bluetooth, parking search, voice recording etc. and is compatible with IOS and Android smartphones. The device is suitable for children, but can protect luggage from theft and loss. In addition, self-portraits are possible. Review: Versatile mini-GPS tracker for all cases.
GPS tracker for children: Eray
GPS tracker for children Purchase recommendation Eray
Brand: Eray
Color: Green
Size: 3.8 x 3.8 x 1.2 cm
Weight: -
Phone Function: Two Way Voice Communication
Features: Practical mini GPS mini tracker
Currently not available
This little GPS tracker can be practically attached to a chain and is very light. The device is connected via app for Android and iOS with a smartphone. Practical are the SOS panic button and the two-way voice function. The device stores all data for up to three months. The accuracy is 500 to 1,000 meters. Review: The small device fits in every pocket and works reliably.



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