Can Fresh Really Be Quicker Than Oven?

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We all know that fresh food is best from a health, flavor, and everything else perspective. Yet, when
you’re contending with a family, oven meals sadly often come out on top. In fact, for overwhelmed moms,
the ability to bung quick meals in the oven can feel like a Godsend.

The trouble is that ready-made oven food isn't exactly the best. Packed full of sugar, salt, and
saturated fats, such meals even run the risk of health complications. By comparison, fresh cooking is
next to none. With quality ingredients and only as much salt as you put in, meals like these are typically
free of the unpleasant additives that come as standard with oven options. But, how can you ever make the
time for fresh cooking on top of everything?

That question may be easier to answer than you think, especially when you consider that standard oven
meals take at least half an hour to cook. Approached right, fresh options could actually save you time,
and we're going to look at how. 

The right cookware speeds things up

The right cookware can make even extensive fresh cooking as easy as one, two, three. In fact, wide,
shallow pans can speed these processes so much that you may whizz through fresh food before your
oven timer can say 'ping.' Just make sure to stock up on the right stuff before you get started, and
marvel at the time you can save this way!

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Not all fresh recipes take hours

Note, too, that not all fresh recipes take hours. There are few things you can't knock up in that standard
half an hour oven slot, especially once you're familiar with the recipes in question. A decent stir fry, for
instance, can be ready in twenty minutes or less. Equally, this one quick Calamari recipe could see your
family enjoying fresh seafood in fifteen minutes flat. Okay, these will be more intensive periods of
cooking than just waiting for the oven, but they still get healthy mealtimes out the way much quicker
than even the ready-meals you've been relying on until now. 

Cook in bulk

Cooking fresh also makes it possible to prepare bulk batches. These could see your family through for
a few days, or even stock your freezer in place of oven meals to improve your family's diet. This
doesn't necessarily add to your initial cooking time, but it can save you hours in prep and effort down
the line when you defrost and heat your food store. Even better, this is a benefit already-frozen oven
options don't offer, meaning that fresh might just pique oven cooking to the post for convenience, after all. 

Committing to fresh food when you're already rushed off your feet with family life can be daunting, and
no one's denying it. But, as these pointers prove, there's no reason that making this switch needs to
cost you any more time. In fact, you might just find that it saves you an hour or two each week!


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