Cute Craft Ideas For Baby's Nursery

Do you have a baby on the way, or know someone that does? If so, a craft for their nursery can be a
really fun one to get stuck into and there are lots of different directions you can go in with it. Here are
some ideas. 

Scrabble word art pictures
These are really popular and you can buy them on sites like Etsy and eBay- but why not make your
own? Purchase some wooden scrabble style tiles, any wooden cutout decorations you’d like to add and
a frame and you can get creative. You could start with the baby’s name, and have words coming off this
such as ‘love’ ‘cherish’ or if it’s a gift for someone, ‘congratulations’. If you’re stuck for word ideas use a
thesaurus or descrambler so you can create relevant words with the letters that you need. 

Painting or design
Do you have an artistic flair? Why not paint, draw or design something that you can hang on the wall?
The great thing about this is you can completely alter it to fit the theme or colour scheme of the room,
and can even add the baby’s name for further personalise it. Have a look online for some inspiration,
it could be anything from baby animals to hot air balloons to flowers, and go about creating a piece that’s
the perfect fit. 

Floral light shade
This is a popular craft and perfect for a baby girl’s nursery. Purchase a wire frame or use an existing old
lamp shade as a base, along with lots of different faux flowers, beads and other embellishments. Turn it
into a unique light shade or a flower mobile to really bring interest to a room. Just be careful that
everything is securely attached so that nothing falls off and becomes a choking hazard, if you’re going
to be making it into a light shade ensure that all decorations are away from the bulb to prevent
overheating too. It’s an effective craft and something you can easily do with a glue gun and some
simple materials. 

Bunting looks ultra cute in a baby’s nursery, it’s a nice way to bring in color (especially if you’ve kept
the rest of the room quite neutral) and can add a fun touch to the wall without it costing a lot. If you have
a sewing machine, creating your own bunting from material of your choice is relatively easy, and again
if you love personalisation you could stitch letters to it to spell out the baby’s name. There are lots of
tutorials online to help if you’re not sure where to start. 

Teddy bear
A seemingly simple project but one that’s quite deceiving, if you fancy a challenge then why not
make a teddy bear? There are lots of different techniques and patterns you can try, but the end result
will give you a totally one off piece for your baby or to gift as you will choose all of the accessories and
materials based on what you want. Make sure any extras like eyes and buttons are securely sewed
down so that they’re not a choking hazard, or just use it as decoration rather than a toy if you’re


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