DIY Flower Arrangements To Try During The Lockdown

 After the global pandemic, people don’t prefer to visit a bouquet store in Dubai. Moreover, many flower stores have also shut down their physical stores from the city. Are you running out of ideas on how to make flower arrangements at home?

Don’t worry; here, I will share some exciting ideas for DIY floral arrangements. For that, you need different types of flowers, rubber bands, ribbons, and other essentials, which you can order from online flower delivery Dubai. In this article, I have listed the flower names and explained the steps to make an attractive flower arrangement at home.

Try These DIY Floral Arrangement At Home

When you visit a bouquet store in Dubai, you may have found that florists make attractive bouquets within minutes. Well, you can also try these do-it-yourself flower arrangements at home.

Simple DIY Bouquet

To make a simple DIY bouquet, you need Purple Dahlias, Earl Grey roses, and Ruscus flowery plants. For making an accurate bouquet size, make it one and half times of the container. Remove the thorns and leaves of the flowers that will prevent bacteria.

Next, you can blow the center of the rosebud gently to open up quickly. It helps the bud to breathe and increases the size of the bloom. Make sure that you keep it away from heat and sunlight.

Floral Arrangement for Bursting Summer

It’s one of the best floral arrangements in Dubai. You need different types of flowers and greeneries, including Delphinium, Hydrangea, Jasmine, Roses, and Greeneries.

For this arrangement, you need to add some greenery to the container to hide the stems. Prepare a grid with the help of tape; it will hold the flowers in a small container. Wrapping the flowers and greeneries with tape is one of the easiest ways to make an arrangement with only fewer flowers.

When you are creating a grid with tape over the mouth of the vase, consider the number of stems you will be using for the bouquet. Before you put the flowers and greeneries into the vase, wrap the mouth of the vase by hiding the edges of the tape that you used to make the grid lines.

Wild Beauty Floral Arrangement

For making a wild beauty floral arrangement, you need spray roses and greeneries. Bring flowers of a single color or two at maximum and combine with two types of greeneries. While choosing greeneries, go with a hardier and a lighter.

While designing, make one side higher and let it overturn the other to look like a slightly S-curve design. Arrange the greeneries in the container before you add the flowers. Although it seems counter-intuitive, it will give a wild look to the floral arrangement. Add more greeneries to the container so that it will hold the flowers in position.

Lush Bouquet

The lush bouquet is one of the best floral arrangements that you can do-it-yourself. You need Dahlias, Chrysanthemums, and flowery plants to make this floral arrangement. If you don’t find these flowers, you can buy them from different online flower stores.

When you are making this arrangement, ensure that you add different types of grasses and greeneries for texture. Combine lighter flowers with deeper reds to make a lush centerpiece bouquet.

Farm-Stand Flora

It may be a little expensive floral arrangement as you need a good quality container. However, you can go with a neutral palette, which may not cost you much. You can choose from a variety of flowers and flowery plants, including Celosia, Zinnia, Cosmos, etc.

Choose darker foliage and add bare branches in the container with the flowers to give it an attractive look. You can order all of these items online if you don’t find them on a farm stand.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have learned about different DIY floral arrangements that you can arrange at home easily. Consider these factors while making a flower bouquet for any occasion.

You can try other floral arrangements by experimenting with different flowers and greeneries. If you have ever made any bouquets at your home, please share them in the comments section.

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