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Today, the wedding industry has become so creative in tailoring breathtaking designs, that it feels almost impossible to make a choice, and we understand you! However, before you jump to the search engines and start browsing for gowns, you need to take several key things into consideration. It is never enough to like a gown, you must wear it with confidence and radiance. That is why we at AW Bridal have composed a short guide to help you navigate through the process and choose a gown that will feel right for you!

  1. Budget

Let us tell you something, it is perfectly okay to spend a lot of money on a wedding dress but also perfectly okay to be limited and choose more affordable wedding dresses. The one thing that matters is the love you two share so don’t be discouraged if you find yourself restrained by finances because there is a little hack we’re about to share!
What if we tell you that the dress can be both cheap and yet have that haute-couture feel to it? We at AW Bridal have been really passionate about providing you with cheap AW wedding dresses that have both comfort and a gorgeous aesthetic! Discover our collection and feel like a modern muse with our designs.

  1. Body Type

After having established a budget, it is time to take heed to your body type. This applies to any wardrobe, especially for the bridal one. After discovering your shape, and taken into consideration what you prefer outfit-wise, you should choose the wedding dress silhouette. Have in mind that the dress must be flattering to your feminine elegance. If you by any chance have some perfect imperfections that you’d rather hide for now, naturally, take that as well into consideration when choosing.

  1. Comfort & Breathable Fabrics

Though we recommend this for every season, during the warmer periods of the year it is vital to focus on the comfort of your wedding dress. That means choosing a gown that is flowy and poetically swaying as you walk with breathable fabric. Those fabrics are silk, tulle, organza, chiffon, and lace.
When it comes to lightness, layered tulle is an amazing choice for both breathable comfort and also for letting air circulate and not be cooked up in your own gown. One of our absolute favorites in our collection that is light, romantic, and comfortable is the Jessie Wedding Dress. This effortlessly elegant gown is divine for both Spring and Summer weddings, and the best thing about it? It is in the category of cheap wedding dresses under $600. Bridal gowns can both look incredible and still be kind to your budget!

Wedding theme, location & style

Yes, naturally, these are also key things to consider. When choosing your dream wedding dress, it is important to choose a designer piece that will be aligned with your theme, overall aesthetic, and location. If your wedding is an outdoor celebration of love or a romantic beach ceremony; consider wearing a light and ethereally flowy gown. Just imagine, walking on the beach with a flowy dreamy gown as the waves slowly touch the ends and the sunset creates the perfect backdrop for you and your beloved. If the wedding is a formal and opulent refined celebration, then decide on timeless designs with enchanting embellishments and train, or maybe a silk seamless gown that is curated in the name of class and luxury.

We hope that we’ve shed some light on this subject, and we invite you to browse our AW Bridal collection of affordable wedding dresses that not only are aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly comfortable.


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