Tips on How to Avoid Forgetting to Take Your Medicines

There are times when you forget to take your medicines. It prolongs your illness instead of recovering

quickly. You can’t let it happen and must follow your doctor’s orders. Here are some tips to avoid

forgetting to take your medicines. 

Take it at the same time every day

Some medicines won't require you to take them at the exact time. For example, your doctor will tell you to

take one before or after breakfast, while others will indicate that you have to do it thrice a day. It helps if

you do it at the same time so you won't forget. If you still do, set your alarm. It will remind you to go to

your medicine cabinet and take the pills. 

Keep the instructions close 

Even when your medicines are accessible, you get confused. You have several medical conditions and need

to take different pills. From maintenance medicine for heart issues to fungal nail tablets,

it can be confusing. Therefore, it helps if the instructions are close by. You will know which pill to take

and when. Don't forget to disclose to your doctor the other medications you take so you won't overdose.

Even if it's only for fungal infection, the dosage might have to be lower if you're already taking another pill.

Once you get the prescription, you can buy the meds online. The process is easy and stress-free. 

Use a pill container

It also helps if you keep the medicines in different pill containers. You can also use different colours. It's

easier to associate the medication with the time when you need to take them. Place them on different

corners of your medicine cabinet to avoid mixing things up. 

Use a different container for travelling

When you have to travel, use a different medicine container. If you get confused at home, imagine how

much worse it is if you’re travelling. You might even forget to take your pills. It’s riskier since you can’t

immediately see your doctor. If you don’t want it to happen, use different containers. Don’t forget to bring

extra pills since your schedule might change. Your flight might also get delayed. Research ahead if there’s

a pharmacy near your accommodation where you can buy the pills if need be.

Another tip when travelling is to place your medicines in your carry-on luggage. You don’t know when

you can hold your checked-in luggage again. If you have a connecting flight, you will only see your

luggage once you’re already at the destination. If you can’t wait that long, bring the medicines with you

all the time. 

Talk to your doctor 

Discuss with your doctor the effectiveness of your medicines. You might have to increase or decrease the

dosage, depending on how your body reacts. Be honest about the changes in your body. If you didn’t

finish the recommended medicines because you forgot them, tell your doctor too. It helps in determining

what to do next to help you become healthy again. 

Take your medications seriously. Don’t let your forgetfulness prevent you from being healthy and having

a longer life. 


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