Computers And Tech For Kids – How To Raise A Child Who Can Code


Teaching kids how to code can be a challenge, especially for parents like us who do not have any technical background in computer science. But, thanks to new learning materials, apps, and software, we do not need to have extensive knowledge in the subject in order to guide our kids in their learning journey.

Nowadays, online learning tools and programs are becoming more and more accessible for everyone. On top of that, many parents are now starting to realize the importance of coding in today’s digital age.

With that said, we have created this guide to help you raise and guide your kids towards their learning journey to coding and programming.


Provide Access to Different Learning Tools

Gone are the days when kids have to learn coding by memorizing blocks of code just to print “Hello! World.” When you look at the modules or course syllabus for many coding programs these days, you would find that they no longer rely on the traditional method of teaching. Rather than read off of textbooks, beginners are now being introduced to the world of coding through programs and software like Scratch, Blockly, Swift, and so on.

That said, it would be a big help if you would help your kids gain access to the learning tools that they need. Doing this would not only make the learning process a lot easier but it would also give your kids an impression that you are supportive of their learning journey as well.


Make it Fun

Many parents often support their kids' interest in coding by enrolling them in different learning programs.

But before you enroll your kids in any coding for kids programs, you have to make sure that the learning program is good enough to sustain their interest in the long run. One of the many reasons why kids often quit halfway is because they start to get bored with the lesson and start to lose interest in coding.

So to avoid this, you have to make sure that the learning program is fun and enjoyable. Thankfully, several online coding programs are a lot more fun these days because they make use of games for educational purposes like Roblox, Minecraft, and many more.


Let them Explore on their Own

Given that coding is more of a trial and error process, it mainly teaches kids soft skills like perseverance and patience. But, other than that, coding also enables your kid to be more creative, curious, and independent.

Remember that coding is a complex subject and there are lots of areas to explore. For instance, they can learn different coding languages like Python, C, Java, Lua, Ruby, and many more.

Once your kids finally learn the fundamentals of coding and programming, you should start to introduce them to other areas that they might be interested in. Even if they are still undecided which coding language or subject areas they want to learn, it is still a great idea to keep their option open and let them know that there might be other topics that are more suitable for them.


Encourage them to Share Their Projects

The great thing about learning how to code these days is that there are tons of kids who are interested in coding as well. That said, the community around beginners and kid coders is vibrant and very encouraging.

So to boost your kids' confidence, you can encourage them to share their projects for other people to play or use. Doing so would not only boost their confidence, but it might also motivate other kids to learn to code as well. Other than that, other coders might also recommend a few tweaks that might make their project even better.

That said, sharing your kids' projects online is a win-win situation for everyone. It would boost your kids’ confidence, make them learn from other coders, and even motivate other kids to start learning how to code as well.

On that note, we, as parents, still have a big part to play in our kids’ learning journey to being a coder. Because no matter how interested they are in the subject, it is still up to us to keep their motivations up so that they can successfully learn.  


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