Starbucks Card Giveaway

 If you like coffee and true crime, here is the giveaway for you! 

I bet some of you noticed that I haven't been putting much content out on this site for a while now. 

Let me tell you why that is.

I have been really busy, working on a podcast with my husband Adam! We had the summer to pursue a project together, and we decided to tell the most scandalous story to ever happen in our hometown. We have been so humbled by the response we received!

We have been featured in several newspapers, been a guest on another podcast, and have been featured in several online publications within the first month of release. But, now I need your help to reach beyond my little slice of Ohio. So, we are going to run a few contests to help gain ratings and subscribers. The first is a $15 starbucks card. 

You can follow along to keep your eye out for a big prize; a $200 gas gift card too! And I am sure we will have some other fun prizes to giveaway before summer is over!

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