Road Trip Through Iceland: Unique Signs and Regulations You Need to Know

 Are you planning a road trip through Iceland? This blog post will provide you with information on how to navigate Iceland's unique road signs and regulations so that you can enjoy a safe and stress-free journey. Whether you're driving in Iceland for the first time or are an experienced traveller, this post will ensure that you stay informed and well-prepared for your upcoming adventure.

Slow Down in Towns and Villages

When driving in towns and villages throughout Iceland, it is important to remember to slow down. The speed limits in these areas are typically lower than elsewhere on the island, with 30km/h being the common limit. This is especially important when you’re driving a car rental in Iceland because many of the roads in these areas are narrow, and winding, and can have hidden blind spots. Be sure to keep an eye out for pedestrians, cyclists, and horses as they may be crossing the roads at any time.

Watch Out for Pedestrians

When driving in Iceland, it's important to be aware of pedestrians and give them the right of way. Pedestrians should always be given priority over vehicles on the road. Pedestrians have the right of way at all times when crossing at intersections or marked crosswalks. If you’re driving and there’s a pedestrian at a crosswalk, stop for them regardless of whether there are traffic lights or not. As a general rule, if you see a pedestrian at a crosswalk, slow down and allow them to pass. 

Don't Drive Off-Road

If you're planning on going off the beaten path while driving in Iceland, it's important to understand that it is illegal to drive off-road in this country. The terrain can be unpredictable and difficult to navigate, especially if you're unfamiliar with the landscape. Driving off-road may also damage the environment and wildlife.  Therefore, it is best to stick to roads and trails designated for vehicle use. And rent a four-wheel drive car when driving a long trip through Iceland, so that it is easier to drive the unpaved roads found throughout the countryside. 

Drive on the Right Side of the Road

When driving in Iceland, it is important to stay on the right side of the road. This is the same for most countries, however, if you are coming from a country that drives on the left side of the road, you must be extra vigilant. Most Icelandic roads are two lanes, so always keep to the right lane unless you are passing someone or making a left-hand turn. It is also important to be aware of any traffic coming from the opposite direction, as well as cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. 

Use Headlights at All Times

When driving in Iceland, you must use your headlights at all times. All cars rented in Iceland are equipped with daytime running lights, which must be turned on while driving during the day. During the night, headlights must be used. It is also important to be aware of weather conditions, as fog, rain, or snow can make visibility even more difficult. By using your headlights during these times, you increase your safety and the safety of others on the road. 

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