7 Helpful Hacks That Speed Up Cleaning Your Car

Whose car remains in pristine condition day in and out with the kids and pets? Cleaning your car is probably not something you enjoy regularly doing. While you can’t and shouldn’t skip car maintenance, viable shortcuts make this task less tedious and time-consuming.

Go over these hacks, some of which take a break from the traditional methods but still provide the same results: a clean, fresh-smelling car. Applying these tricks may save you from deep-cleaning your vehicle or at least give you a good head start if it comes to that.

Depreciation Is Real

Your brand-new car depreciates the moment it leaves the premises of the dealership. There are other factors involved in depreciation that can vary by car model. One way to combat this car-value killer is to keep your car well-maintained, according to the AAA.

And the preliminaries to your cleaning project include giving your car a good bath using the appropriate soap to protect its finish. Once you are done with the exterior, work on the inside of the car with the dashboard, vents, and pockets as the starting point. Then vacuum all that’s collected on the carpet.

Additional tricks are here.

Keep Your Seats Covered and Clean

Car seats are a magnet to dust, oil, sweat, grime, dirt, human hair, animal fur, and dirty feet. Seat covers are thus created to be the first line of defense from these invaders. To clean these seat covers, vacuum, spray the appropriate conditioner or cleaner to the fabric, wipe, and dry. Find a NYC Cleaning Service that can handle your car care as well as your home.

Clear Your Glass Surfaces

What’s a quick way to clean your windshield, windows, and mirrors and lose the streaks? Scrub these glass surfaces with a magic eraser or a similar product made of melamine foam and the cleaner of your choice. This process applies to the glass’s interior and exterior. You can also use a sealant on your windshield to keep water from seeping through the gaps.

Spray, Don’t Scratch, Bug Residues

Bug stains, splatters, and residues are not a sight to see on your car’s body. Don’t scratch the surface, or you’ll damage your car paint. Instead, get your can of canola oil or other types of cooking spray, and apply it to the affected area. Then wipe the area with a microfiber cloth. To finish it off, wash the area with soap and water.

A Trash Can Does It

Always have a trash can with a recycled or old plastic bag. You can dispose of the garbage easily and immediately. Keep your portable garbage bin small so you can empty it as soon as it fills. Don’t wait for clutter to invade your car space and make it harder for you to clean your car next time.

Wet Wipes Are Handy

Wet wipes are your ally from spills, sticky hands from Cheetos, drips from grease and pizza sauce, or dirty surfaces. These wipes are only for those little accidents or quick cleanups. Food can stain your carpet, so you need to act fast and come up with long-term solutions.
Invest in Heavy-Duty Mats

Food stains, as mentioned earlier, are your carpet’s foes alongside mud, sand, water, and snow. You can routinely remove your mats and clean them. Better yet, buy floor mat liners that are custom-fitted so they don’t move around and can contain those messes from getting through your car floor. WeatherTech nonslip floor mats, for example, have rubber surfaces that are easy to clean with a hose or a soak in the tub.

Freshen Up the Air

Car fresheners can serve a dual purpose: to neutralize the smell and to calm your mind and body. Take your pick from various aromatherapy pouches, sprays, and fresheners that you can make at home. You can also buy them directly from sellers of essential oil and natural plant dehumidifiers. These tricks combine painless, quick, DIY, and tried-and-tested commercial products.

What’s the best car cleaning hack you’ve discovered? Come clean in the comments section.

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