Explore the Flavors of the Land Down Under

As the kids get a little older, they are more adventurous. They can handle road trips like semi-professionals. Both love to watch travel videos and learn about new areas. More than once they have hinted that they want to take a big trip in the near future.

Australia is on our travel bucket list.The wildlife, the bush, and the coastal views make it an obvious choice for a destination,but what really appeals to my adventurous kids is the food!

Australian cuisine is more than just sausages and meaty pies. A wide assortment of fruits and vegetables are grown in the land down under, making it a total foodies destination.

Did you know that granny smith apples were first grown in Australia? But that isn't all. You can find well known fruits like plums in the land down under, but also bush fruit like quandong, which is a native peach and muntries,which are a native cranberries.

Exploring native versions of fruit we already know makes it a exciting culinary adventure for the entire family, but we want more than fruit. We want to try all of the native foods!

Australia has many unique meats that we wouldn't be able to try as easily. Emu, kangaroo and crocodile meat are available for consumption, while they are not common, you can expect to find kangaroo in sausages. Lamb is a popular meat in the land down under, as are many varieties of seafood. By all accounts, Australia is a land of culinary delights.

Traveling with the kids to Australia would be an unforgettable adventure. There are so many things to see, do and taste that it could be easy to exhaust the family while immersing them in the culture. As a seasoned traveler, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep everyone happy.

First, I always recommend finding a private tour guide. This gives you a chance to gather info, check out hotspots and avoid crowds and lines. The price of private destination tours is often more affordable than taking a tour with a group of strangers, and it gives you a chance to talk one on one with your guide to learn all of the history and mystery of the area.

My second tip is have dinner prepared for you, instead of heading out to a restaurant. Having the chef come to you is the best way to learn about what you are eating, and see the meal being prepared right in front of your eyes. While having dinner in on an international trip might seem like an additional expense, it is one that is well worth it. Being able to relax and stay in for an evening gives the family a chance to recharge their batteries for further adventures. Your personal chef will entertain your with delicious food, rich stories and leave you hungry for more. Lucky for you, the chef is likely to share recipes with you so you can bring the flavor of Australia to your friends at a later date.

If you have traveled to Australia, I would love to hear about your culinary adventures in the land down under in a comment.

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